Track Sleep Comfortable & Accurate

Go2sleep, an advanced sleep tracker with Heart Rate, HRV & Blood Oxygen (SpO2).

Track Sleep Comfortable & Accurate

Go2sleep, an advanced sleep tracker with Heart Rate, HRV & Blood Oxygen (SpO2).

Sleep Quality

Sleep Quality

Apnea Screening

Apnea Screening

Heart Rate/Blood Oxygen

Heart Rate / Blood Oxygen

Integrated Report

Integrated Report

Report Export

Report / CSV Exportation


Go2sleep is like a sleep lab in your hand, it helps you better understand your body and improve your sleep with daily feedback.

Go2sleep SE

Go2sleep SE offers a fingertip option for those who prefer this over the ring style, which can improve the stability of monitoring.


M2 is a quickly tailored oral appliance solution for those who are seeking to address snoring or mild OSA without medical assistance.

30-Night Money-back Guarantee

Lab-Lever Product


M1 is a FDA approved Entry-level Mandibular Repositioning Device (MRD). It’s a possible treatment for snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.


Take control of your sleep with advanced metrics and personalized insights.

Multidimensional metrics

AI-powered analysis

Personalized and tailored recommendations


Home-based interventions

Monitoring sleep is not our end goal. We create evidence-based products to help you improve your sleep in the comfort of your own home.

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Ultimate multi-platform software

Easily view and analyze your sleep data on Windows PC or Mac.

Global Sales With Good Feedback

GO2SLEEP has been selling in United States,Europe,Japan and more than 60 other countries. User’s feedback exceeded expectations. Click the following link to order:
  • now, I can check on my own from home! Super love this little device!

    Danny L. on April 03, 2024

    I was always looking for this super-convenient device for my sleep apnea! It is really costly and uncomfortable to check this in the hospital. But now, I can check on my own from home! Super love this little device!

  • I can use everyday

    Alex Z. on April 03, 2024

    I have tried many sleep trackers over the years and have had sleep studies. This is the best sleep tracker that I can use everyday and it accurate with detailed reporting. Shows RHR, HR, Sleep Details (Deep, Light, REM), Sleep Apnea Index, Toss/Turns, Blood Oxygen level, Sleep Debt (how much more sleep you need). Insightful and actionable.

  • The silicone ring that holds the sensor is very comfortable

    Flora D. on April 04, 2024

    I expected this to bother me trying to sleep, but the silicone ring that holds the sensor is very comfortable. It gathers a wealth of information about your quality of sleep including heart rate, oxygen level, incidents of sleep apnea, tossing and turning frequency, time spent in deep, light and REM sleep. I am very impressed with the daily/nightly reports generated. I can get 3 nights to a charge. This is a surprisingly good product – much better than sleep monitoring smart watches it have used.

  • I’ve worn sleep trackers before — both FitBit and Misfit

    alwin L. on April 05, 2024

    I’ve worn sleep trackers before — both FitBit and Misfit — and neither has been as comprehensive as this Sleepon monitor. It not only measures the amount of time asleep and the restlessness/deep sleep, but also measures heart rate, oxygen levels, and through those, sleep apnea. It also gives you a summary of your sleep patterns compared to the larger population, whether you sleep more or less, where your deep sleep duration falls, and how your toss-and-turn index compares. This is all displayed through a smartphone app that you download for free. (I use the iOS version.)

  • It’s reasonably good

    Eric Y. on April 06, 2024

    It’s reasonably good, it’d better have one more smaller size ring for asian users

  • This was easy enough to use and got results consistent with what I get from my Apple Watch.

    Alice L. on April 07, 2024

    This was easy enough to use and got results consistent with what I get from my Apple Watch. I tried checking my teenager’s sleep, and he refused to wear it, though (he won’t wear any kind of jewelry – no bracelets no rings nothing). I’m going to keep trying, because apnea runs in his dad’s family. Anyway, I had a bit of a learning curve, but it was short and mostly easy to figure out. Initial charging instructions are important. Once you get through all that, it’s easy.

  • This unit is very interesting.

    Jacobs M. on April 07, 2024

    This unit is very interesting. It seems to measure quite a bit about your sleep habits and via the phone app, graphs out your night. You wear the unit on your finger as you sleep. I was definitely aware of the unit, so I found it annoying to sleep with. I’m sure you’d get used to it in time, though. It’s very lightweight,less than 10g as they said and unobtrusive. I’m not sure how accurate it is or how I would measure that so I guess I’ll take its word for it. It provides a great deal more data than other sleep monitors I’ve used.

  • Excellent, highly recommend it

    Dominic Redmond on April 08, 2024

    Works as designed. Easy to use and great iOS interface. The information provided is very useful and presented on very intuitive charts There is no other device which is that compact and ergonomic. SleepOn definitely stands behind the product. An issue introduced with software version 2.03 caused my app to crash. This was quickly identified and the issue rapidly solved. Customer service via chat is very responsive.

  • SLEEPON View desktop software Updates

    Bryant Jumo on April 08, 2024

    This keeps getting better and better. The attention to detail this company gives is impressive and comforting. This will increase my experience with SleepOn to new levels.

  • Honest review

    Superdupermoc on April 09, 2024

    The ring is great, you have to understand how to properly wear it. You cannot just have it as normal wedding ring, you must wear it higher on the finger between the folds. App is really clear and reports outstanding. I cannot wait for a new finger holder, this will make the sleep on ring even more accurate. Some of the reviewers took in consideration one incident to review the product, when it went down. I own 2 rings for a period of 1 year and I can tell you that results are accurate when I compare it with my CPAP machine (Philips Dreamstation). This is must have product if you would like to track your sleep. Thank you guys and well done, keep up good work!

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