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In SLEEPON, we believe that sleep is an essential indicator of overall health. Taking control of your sleep is an important step to take control of your health.
Claus, the co-founder & CTO of SLEEPON, dedicated to developing healthcare applications in wearable devices from early 2007. He led his team to invent the first heart rate monitoring watch in the world, which made heart rate monitoring device portable for the first time and solved the issue Holter monitor could never solved. This heart rate monitoring device was tested and approved in Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

In 2015, he was admitted to the ICU for a heart attack due to long-term sleep deficiency. He knew he had a terrible sleep habit, but he never bothered to change it nonetheless-just like most of us do, and this hospitalization struck him and made him realize the significance of sleep quality to his overall health. He did his first overnight sleep test-also known as polysomnogram-in the hospital which he was chained with tons of hoses and wires. He could not believe the result from this test simply because he could not fall asleep with all those hoses and wires on him. When he walked out of the hospital, with the sleep report he paid $1000 in hand, he stalled to question whether there’s home sleep management devices which could potentially prevent him from getting a heart attack in the first place. It turned out that there were.
Nevertheless, after he tried those devices, he found that none of them provided a good user experience with comprehensive information and, as well as, a comfortable night sleep without any disturbing feelings. The question raised, “why can’t I create one?”.

With the question in mind and the expertise of developing wearable devices, Claus started a brand new project. He began to design sleep products, including home sleep testing devices, self-care sleep management products, and other high quality bedding. He realizes that we, as human beings, have dedicated minimal resources to understand or develop the sleep management system despite most of us spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. There are not many companies in the sleep management field, and most of their devices are developed to cater provider market instead of consumer market. This communication gap between these companies and the consumers has created gigantic issues. In the U.S., 80% of the people who have sleep disorder(s) are undiagnosed or untreated. The delay in treatment is one of the root causes of an unhealthy population and an expensive healthcare system.

We live up to the mission of providing the most professional and user-friendly sleep management services which can assist in monitoring sleep quality, preventing sleep disorders, decreasing related morbidity, and improving quality of sleep, daytime function and the overall quality of life.

David Chang CEO of SLEEPON

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