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Understanding 6 types of partnership

Understanding our 6 types of partnership


Distributor will stock our products and resell them in their territories as well as provide service to customers and maintain consistent branding and marketing efforts within their territories.


Retailers will buy our products and sells them to end users or customers through a brick and mortar store or over an online ecommerce platform like Amazon, Ebay and etc.


Agents will connect us with sales opportunities and develop deals on a commission basis.

Healthcare partners

Healthcare partners will deliver sleep knowledge, consultant course, practical service to help improving sleep quality, treat sleep disorders of SLEEPON users.


Certified 3rd Party software and hardware developers will be able to customize the products by using our APIs and SDKs.


Researchers will discover the hidden value inside the sleep data, find ways to assist in early detection of potential health problems.
Better sleep, better life.

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