Warm Tips: Android App Functional Maintenance

There may be some functional problems such as page crash recently on Android Sleepon APP, it is expected to take a week or two for maintenance, we will fix it as soon as possible, thank you for your understanding and support.

Sorry for the inconvenience for version upgrade.

Sleepon Android APP is temporarily unavailable for download due to version upgrade, we will notify you on first time after fixing.Sorry for the inconvenience.

HRV (beta) is available!


Hi everyone,

It is our pleasure to announce that Sleepon’s HRV (beta) is now available on its app. You will be able to see the HRV data in your report when you update the app. 

Feedback and suggestions are really appreciated so that we can improve the App and make sure you have a better user experience.

Thank you.

Sleepon Team

Update Anouncement 08/30/2021

Dear Sleepon users,

I greatly appreciate your support and trust. Our Android and iOS apps have been updated, and some technical issues have been resolved.

New function:

You can now track your order on a new page! Here are two ways you can do it.

  1. You can paste your tracking number here: https://www.sleepon.us/track (at the bottom of this page you’ll also find it.)
  2. Click the button with “Order tracking” in the email that you receive after placing the order.

App updates:

  1. Fixed Bluetooth connection issue with Android 10
  2. Fixed a problem with the vibration alert when Go2sleep connected to the phone
  3. Fixes for CSV export and report sharing
  4. Optimized data issue with Go2silence
  5. Resolved issues with data upload of Go2Silence

To tell us about your questions or suggestions, click on [Mine] – [Feedback].

APP Update Announcement

Dear Sleepon Users:

For the Android APP:

We updated the Android app recently, and we received some feedback from the users about the connection issues.
The location permission of Sleepon might be turned off by the phone due to the app update. Please set it again by following the steps below:
Phone’s Settings—Apps—Sleepon—Permissions—Locations(please turn off and turn on it again)
Android requires you to turn on Bluetooth to find your device and also to turn on location permissions.

For the IOS APP:

1. Connection problems:
a. Please confirm that the Bluetooth permission for Sleepon app was turned on in iPhone Settings.
b. Please watch the video and follow the instruction for connection: https://youtu.be/_t4W1kAtRYU

2. synchronization problem:
Make sure you follow the following instructions:
When you wear the ring and connect it to the App, you would see the real-time data on the first page (heart rate, spo2).
When you get up, please take off the ring, connect it to your phone, and pull down the first sleep page to sync the data.
If it doesn’t work, please unbind the device and follow the above instructions to try it again.

We will keep improving the app. If you have any problems or questions, please let us know through service@sleepon.us.


Our email service support has recovered

Hi, Dear backers,

We are sorry that our email service(service@sleepon.us) was temporarily stopped due to technical problems.

And now the email service support has recovered. Unfortunately, we lost all emails and messages within 12 hours. Please contact us again at service@sleepon.us and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

Thank you.


New Flight mode function is coming!


Dear backers. Thank you for your support.

SLEEPON is always caring for our users. Now the flight mode function is coming and you can use it next week!

Flight mode is a new function of the GO2SLEEP ring. This function can make the device automatically in flight mode and turn off the Bluetooth communication of the device (GO2SLEEP) to reduce the impact of radiation on you.

After the flight mode is turned on, the flight mode will be activated or canceled depending on the device is worn on the hand or not. Therefore, the flight mode will affect the real-time detection function (you need to turn off the flight mode to use it).

When you are in the flight mode, it doesn’t affect all the tracking functions of the device like sleep monitoring, low blood oxygen alert, alarm clock, and other functions.

There are more new exciting functions is coming!

Have a nice day


The backstory of fingertip holder design

At of the end of 2019, there are already tens of thousand SLEEPON users all over the world, there are about thousands of people who wear Go2sleep ring every night. In the past few months, we have received a lot of user feedback and comments.  

we set out to design Go2sleep SE several months ago with the following goals:

Pursue more accurate data

• Without sacrificing a comfortable wearing experience

• Can fit finger sizes of different sizes

• More intuitive experience

How to get more accurate data?

After a series of studies, we found that the skin of the fingertips is thinner and the capillaries are richer. The actual test data is better than the inside of the finger. In addition, we found that occlude the light also has a certain impact to detect the data. So we took the position of the fingertips as the main wearing position for this design.

After the engineer gave certain data feedback, we set out to design the “fingertip holder” version of go2sleep. We collected a large number of anatomical drawings of the fingers and bones, as well as ergonomic data, as a design reference.

After determining the basic shape of the manuscript, we modeled the design through 3D modeling software. Then print the 3D model for research.

After 6 times of mold modifications, we began to test the hardness and color of the product material and conducted about 20 different hardness tests. After 5 weeks of continuous testing, we finally got the final product.

We designed the diameter of the circle according to the circumference of the fingertips. After the product came out, we found that the feeling of wearing is very tight … After some verification, we found that we ignored a fact: No one’s fingertip cross-section is round! They are closer to an ellipse!

While developing hardware products, we “refactored” GO2Sleep’s firmware to make it compatible with the classic GO2sleep ring and also can switch to the SE version at any time.

Steam Eye Mask is Free for GO2SLEEP Users!


Dear backers.

Here is the good news only for our members!

Do you or your family members have the eyestrains?
Try SLEEPON’s Steam eye mask.

Also the Pre-lauch Products – Steam eye marks and Fingertips holder is Free for GO2SLEEP Users now!
500 units only! Come and get it asap! Check more details:



SLEEPON Spring Special Prices is available! Save up to 30%! Celebrate Sleep Awareness Week!

Hi Dear Backers!

Thank you for supporting always! Let’s Celebrate Sleep Awareness Week!

National Sleep Awareness Week, observed in March and sponsored by the National Sleep Foundation, is an opportunity to realize how much sleep impact your well-being, and take a step toward improving them.

National Sleep Awareness Week and The National Sleep Foundation stress that adults need seven to nine hours of sleep per night, and less may pose serious consequences to a person’s health and safety.

SLEEPON supports National Sleep Awareness Week with:

  • 10 days of 2020 SLEEPON Spring Special Prices are here! Save up to 30%! Only 500 Limited quota is available.
  • Our new product – Steam eye mask lauches!

Soothing eye masks relieve tired and stressed eyes with the help of warm and relaxing steam. Lowest price on the Internet, 500 sets limited.

  • GO2SLEEP new feature – Members can log in to view historical data on multiple platforms.

If you have any enquiries, please contact service@sleepon.us.
Have a nice day!


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