SLEEPON GO2SLEEP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SLEEPON GO2SLEEP is a sleep monitoring device designed to help users monitor and improve their sleep quality. It uses sensors to track your sleep patterns, breathing rate, heart rate, abnormal heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, body movement, snoring and other information, and provides detailed data on your sleep habits.
What sleep parameters can GO2SLEEP measure?
GO2SLEEP can measure multiple sleep parameters, including sleep stage, breathing rate, heart rate, body movement, snoring, etc. It can identify your awake, light sleep, and deep sleep stages, helping you understand your sleep patterns. (Note, to ensure the accuracy of the data, please make sure to wear our product when you are about to fall asleep)
Can GO2SLEEP help improve my sleep?
Yes, GO2SLEEP can provide sleep suggestions and personalized improvement suggestions. By analyzing your sleep data, it can provide you with suggestions on improving sleep habits, such as changing sleep time, adjusting environment, reducing stress, etc.
How to wear GO2SLEEP correctly ?
1.Select the suitable silicon ring to fit your middle or ring finger. Do as shown below.

2.The device’s charging part facing outside :
Does GO2SLEEP need to be charged?
Yes, GO2SLEEP usually requires charging. It is usually equipped with a rechargeable battery, which you can charge by connecting to a power adapter or USB port. Charging time and usage time may vary depending on the model, please refer to the product manual for specific information.
Which finger is the most suitable ?
We recommend you to wear it on your ring finger. If you wear a wedding ring on your ring finger, you can also wear it on your middle finger.
How to choose the silicon ring ?
1. Choose the silicon ring which is suitable for your middle or ring finger. 

2. Put the device in the silicon ring (The sensor towards the finger) and wear it on the finger. 

3. If you shake your hand, the device does not swing with your hand.

4. The silicon ring should not be too tight or too loose on the finger.
How to connect GO2SLEEP ?
Download the SLEEPON app and create an account, or log on to the registered account . 
Connect the device: turn on bluetooth—open SLEEPON app—login—tab Search Device. The ring will have green light flashes and vibrate twice after the connection.
Can’t find Go2sleep ?
Please follow the following steps to check the product: 
1. Confirm the device is activated.  
2. Confirm the device is within 10 meters from the cellphone.  
3. Make sure the device is charged  
4. Please contact our customer service if the device is still not connected after performing the above steps.
Can I turn off my cell phone during the sleep ?
You can turn off the cellphone during sleep. Just make sure that you turn off the cellphone after you wear the ring and connect to the cellphone to synchronize before you sleep.
Take off the ring and connect to the cellphone to synchronize the data after you wake up in the morning.
How long does it take to fully charged the device ?
It takes two hours to fully charge the device and it can be used for 3 nights.
Why is there data after the product connection is just received
Please don’t worry, it’s just the simulation data and it’s for example, it will be erased automatically once you sync your own sleep data.
How does Go2sleep measure sleep stages
Sleep stage measurement is related to heart rate data.During the REM stage there is no movement as well as deep sleep. The difference between these two stages is the average heart rate variation. During REM, the heart rate varies more than deep sleep.
Android phone connection problems
About the connection issue: Please set the location permission following the steps: Phone’s Settings—Apps—Sleepon—Permissions—Locations(please try to turn it off and turn on it again) The Android system requires you to turn on Bluetooth and also to turn on location permissions for the sleepon app to find go2sleep device. If it doesn’t work, we hope that you can send us a video to show the connection process and the settings you tried. I will ask the technician to check it out.
Can I share the use of go2sleep?
You can share the device with others, they can set an account in their phone so you guys can sync the sleep data separately.You can add them in the app through the : Me section—My Family—Add your family—input their ID—send the request and wait for their approval.Then you can check each other’s report in the app.
IOS data synchronization problem
About the synchronization problem: Make sure you follow the following instructions: Before you go to bed, wear the ring and connect it to the App, you will see the real-time data on the first page (heart rate, spo2). When you get up, please take off the ring, connect it to your phone, and pull down the first sleep page to sync the data. If it doesn’t work, please unbind the device and follow the above instructions to try it again.
whether go2sleep stores data
The ring will store the data for three nights. Once you sync to the app, it will be cleared automatically in the ring.
how to delete unwanted data
You can delete the data through the sleep time detail chart, then find Sleep efficiency(there is a button to delete).
what is BEI, what is BDI index?
BDI stands for Breath Disorder Index(substitute AHI Apnea &Hypopnea index) ;BEI stands for breath efficiency index(substitute of spo2).
Forget the password, reset the incoming mail, the solution
Did you check your spam folder for the reset email? If you can’t reset it, please confirm the address you used for the account. We will help you reset the password in the system. After you log in to the app, you can reset a new password by the following steps: Me——Settings——Account Settings——Change Password.
Apple user connection problem
Please confirm that the Bluetooth permission for Sleepon app was turned on in iPhone Settings( Try to turn the Bluetooth settings off and turn it on again)
Is GO2SLEEP a medical device?
GO2SLEEP is usually not a medical device, but a consumer product used for sleep monitoring and improvement. If you have sleep disorders or other health problems, it is recommended to consult a medical professional for professional advice.
How does GO2SLEEP work?
You can wear the GO2SLEEP device on your finger or fingertip. The device uses built-in sensors to monitor your physiological indicators, and then transmits the data to the mobile application paired with the device. The application analyzes the data and provides you with detailed reports and recommendations on sleep quality.
How can I view my sleep data?
You can use the mobile app SLEEPON paired with your GO2SLEEP device to view your sleep data. Within the app, you will be able to view nightly sleep reports, trend graphs, and detailed data to help you understand your sleep performance.
How to charge the ring ?
When charging the ring, the red light flashes. The green light is on after fully charged. If you find the device can not fit well into the charger, rotate the ring 180 degree and try again.
Correct charging method ?
1. Put the device in the silicon ring, the sensor should face inward of the silicon ring. 
2. After putting the ring on the charger, the device will be magnetically attached on the charger if it is placed correctly. 
3. When the device is misplaced, the device will be ejected from the charger.
How to activate the ring ?
For the first time, put the ring on the charger to activate the device.
The red will light flash. Reactivate before you connect to the app if you reset it.
Who is the most suitable users ?
It is suitable for users who want to have a better understanding of their sleep quality or to test if they have sleep apnea.
The red light flashes continuously on the finger ?
The red light flashes when the ring is on the finger indicates that data storage is full. Please sync your data with the app. 
Device storage is capable to store data for 30 hours (If you sleep for 10 hours per night, a total of about 3 nights of sleep are stored). 
When the data storage is full, please connect to the phone app and synchronize the data.
Warranty Period ?
The ring is guaranteed for one year.
Why do we need to take off the ring and synchronize ?
When you wear the ring,it will start monitoring. When you take off the ring, it stops monitoring and starts generating reports. So you need to take off the ring to synchronize data and generate report.
Does Go2sleep work with Google Fit?
It doesn’t support it, because the Android system is more complicated, it’s not easy to make it accomplish.
Failed to receive verification email when registering the APP
Did you check your spam folder for the verification email? If you can’t find it there, please provide us with your email address that registered the account. We can help you finish the verification.
Desktop APP download consultation
For Windows download link: For Mac download link: Sleepon view desk app tutorial: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
whether PI strength will affect the test results
The PI strength is only for reference. It means signal strength, make sure when you wear the ring it will not shake, not too tight and also not too loose, then it will be OK.
The specific meaning of CSV data
Please check it in the app through Me-Helps- FAQs–what is the meaning of the terms of the CSV file? You will find more details.
whether the low blood oxygen data can be adjusted
The low spo2 alert value is able to set from 70% to 92%. After you connect the device to the app, please find the low oxygen alert button then you can adjust the trigger preset value.
Low blood oxygen reminder function does not work
Which value did you set for the low spo2? Can you try to adjust the trigger sensitivity of the device to be more sensitive and check if it will help?
Finger ring and fingertip set size
We will provide three sizes in one package, including S, M, L.
Report other data are available, no heart rate, blood oxygen minute data
We suggest that you try to reset the device on the app and then test it for a few nights, let me know if you need any help.
go2sleep charging problem
If you use it for a long time ,please try to clean the pins on the charger and the eyes on the sleepon device with an alcohol swab. Did you use the USB cable we provide ? Please try to charge it with or without the ring holder. Please press the device with force and adjust the position, make sure the charging part of the device is connected well with the charging pin of the base when charging. If it still doesn’t work,We recommend unplugging it and charging it directly with a USB cable on a computer or other port that allows direct charging.
Is GO2SLEEP compatible with smartphones and tablets?
Most GO2SLEEP devices are compatible with smartphone tablets . You can download and install the mobile app that pairs with the device to connect with it and view sleep data.
Is GO2SLEEP suitable for children?
Some GO2SLEEP devices may be suitable for children, depending on the model and age. If you plan to use GO2SLEEP for children, check the product description to ensure suitability.

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