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Open the package and take out the device; connect the charger to 5v power supply with the USB cable. For the first time, you need to put the ring on the charger to activate the device. 


How to download APP

iOS: Search SLEEPON in App Store and download. Android: Search SLEEPON in Google Play and download.

Wearing instruction

Select the suitable silicon ring which you can wear it snugly. 


Bluetooth connection

Open the SLEEPON app to complete registration for the first time or log in. After the app starts to search for the ring, the device will vibrate twice and the green LED will flash when bluetooth connects successfully. 


How to Start
Wear GO2SLEEP with the device’s charging part facing outside; hold the device gently(clench your fist) then the device will vibrate twice and start to work.
How to wear GO2SLEEP correctly
1.Select the suitable silicon ring to fit your middle or ring finger. Do as shown below.

2.The device’s charging part facing outside :
Which finger is the most suitable for GO2SLEEP
We recommend you to wear it on your ring finger. If you wear a wedding ring on your ring finger, you can also wear it on your middle finger.
How to choose the silicon ring
1. Choose the silicon ring which is suitable for your middle or ring finger. 

2. Put the device in the silicon ring (The sensor towards the finger) and wear it on the finger. 

3. If you shake your hand, the device does not swing with your hand.

4. The silicon ring should not be too tight or too loose on the finger.
How to connect GO2SLEEP
Download the SLEEPON app and create an account, or log on to the registered account . 
Connect the device: turn on bluetooth—open SLEEPON app—login—tab Search Device. The ring will have green light flashes and vibrate twice after the connection.
GO2SLEEP Undiscoverable
Please follow the following steps to check the product: 
1. Confirm the device is activated.  
2. Confirm the device is within 10 meters from the cellphone.  
3. Make sure the device is charged  
4. Please contact our customer service if the device is still not connected after performing the above steps.
Can I turn off my cell phone during the sleep
You can turn off the cellphone during sleep. Just make sure that you turn off the cellphone after you wear the ring and connect to the cellphone to synchronize before you sleep.
Take off the ring and connect to the cellphone to synchronize the data after you wake up in the morning.
How long does it take to fully charged the device? How long can it work after fully charged
It takes two hours to fully charge the device and it can be used for 3 nights.
How to charge the ring
When charging the ring, the red light flashes. The green light is on after fully charged. If you find the device can not fit well into the charger, rotate the ring 180 degree and try again.
Correct charging method
1. Put the device in the silicon ring, the sensor should face inward of the silicon ring. 
2. After putting the ring on the charger, the device will be magnetically attached on the charger if it is placed correctly. 
3. When the device is misplaced, the device will be ejected from the charger.
How to activate the ring
For the first time, put the ring on the charger to activate the device.
The red will light flash. Reactivate before you connect to the app if you reset it.
Who is the most suitable users
It is suitable for users who want to have a better understanding of their sleep quality or to test if they have sleep apnea.
The red light flashes continuously on the finger
The red light flashes when the ring is on the finger indicates that data storage is full. Please sync your data with the app. 
Device storage is capable to store data for 30 hours (If you sleep for 10 hours per night, a total of about 3 nights of sleep are stored). 
When the data storage is full, please connect to the phone app and synchronize the data.
Warranty Period
The ring is guaranteed for one year.
Why do we need to take off the ring and synchronize
When you wear the ring,it will start monitoring. When you take off the ring, it stops monitoring and starts generating reports. So you need to take off the ring to synchronize data and generate report.

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