Manage Users’ Health Data

Sleepon Care offers a solution for tracking users’ health data in conjunction with Go2sleep devices. It helps companies, research institutions, or medical clinics to monitor health conditions throughout the organization.

Of course, it strictly follows the US privacy policy.

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Manage Users

Manage your users and check their health any time through our platform.

Manage User Groups

Manage groups for your users and assign employees to each group.

Check Data Chart

View user’s data chart any time through the platform.

Export User Data

Export users’ personal data and sleep reports for analysis.

Interprete Data

(under development)

Offer professional data interpretation services and health alerts. You can also provide suggestions.

Real-time Sleep Data

(under development)

Offer new wif gateway devices to optimize existing interactions and transmit information directly from Go2sleep to the server.

Developer Platform

(under development)

Integrate your platform with SLEEPON Care using APIs. Allow your users to share their health data with your device.

Manage Users

New User

Create an account for a new user.

Manage User

Manage multiple user accounts uniformly.

View Reports

View data from multiple users simultaneously and integrated reports.

Export Report as CSV

Export selected users and data reports as CSV files.

Manage User Groups

Create Accounts

Import or create your own user accounts.

Track User Status

Manage multiple user accouts uniformly.

Manage Specifically

View specific data from multiple users simultaneously and integrated reports.

Manage User Information

Export selected users and data reports as CSV files.

Check Data Chart

—   Our Data

Export User Data

Export Personal Data

Select specific user and personal information to export to the selected format according to your requirements.

Export Sleep Data

Select specific user and sleep data to export to the selected format according to your requirements.

Interprete Data

—   Under Development

Interprete Data

Provide professional interpretation based on user data.

Health Alert

You can anticipate potential health risks for your clients and provide advice timely.

Provide Health Advice

Provide relevant health advice based on data and personal information.

Real-time Sleep Data

—  Under Development  —

With our Sleep Cloud Bluetooth gateway, you can transmit data from one or more SLEEPON hardware devices to our cloud server directly.

The data is able to be displayed in the SLEEPON Care platform. You can monitor data anytime and get real-time data feedback.

Developer Platform

—  Under Development

With the SLEEPON Developer Platform, you can associate data to your own software or APP by using the Oauth2 open protocol.

The Developer Platform also provides SDK (iOS/Android) to integrated our hardware into your application software quickly.

In addition, we provide a Bluetooth communication protocol to directly read the underlying hardware data and import it directly into your own hardware system.

Private Protection

—SLEEPON is committed to protecting user data and privacy.

SLEEPON is committed to protecting the data privacy of you and your users. All B-side companies we collaborate with are required to sign the User Privacy Protection Agreement to ensure that users’ health data will not be accessed by third-party organizations or individuals.

You need to sign the User Privacy Read Agreement to ensure that you will not share or disclose user data to any third-party organizations and individuals.
If you are processing users’ data, they have the right to know about it. You cannot access users’ data without their permission.
Users have the right to maintain control over their data and deny or withdraw your access.

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