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Dear Backers,
Thank you for always supporting us! Our GO2SLEEP SE is launched, and we will help you upgrade to the SE version. The GO2SLEEP SE has a new fingertip holder.

New experience

More stable

With the GO2SLEEP SE, you will have one more option, you can choose to wear our device on your fingertip which can improve the stability of your monitoring. We also update our algorithm for the fingertip monitoring which you select the “fingertip firmware” in our SLEEPON app.

New firmware

Fully supported on different devices

It can help you import your CSV sleep data easily, generate minute charts, support image exportation, so you can print your data much easier on your laptop.

SLEEPON View will support both MAC and Windows systems:
Windows: Win32 and Win64 bit systems, support Windows 7 and above systems.
MAC: OS X 10.8 and above

Comfortable and soft

Your user experience is our foremost concern. The SE fingertip is made of food-grade silicon to ensure a safer and more comfortable user experience. We provide three different holder sizes to fit different finger sizes.



Rings size(US):9-19
The weight:6g (Ring)


Fingertip holders: Food-grade silicon


European Union RoHs certification


fingertips holder, user manual

Pricing Options

Buying the SE version will provide you an access to the corresponding app version and to the View desktop software.
The delivery will be arranged after the end of the March.

SE Version

The delivery of SE version and fingertip holder will be arranged after the end of the March.

SE Fingertip Holder (Original Price)

SE fingertip holder package contains three sizes of holders. All sizes are adaptable to both the standard GO2SLEEP device and the new SE device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Terms

The delivery of GO2SLEEP will be arranged in 2-3 working days.

Fingertip vs. Finger Pulp

1.There are more capillaries on the fingertip than the finger pulp which make sleeping data more stable.
2.The perfusion index is stronger when wearing on the fingertip compared to the the finger pulp.
3.The fully wrapped design of the fingertip holder makes the holder stay fixed on your fingertip.

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