Come and Get your Happy New Year Package!!

Hi Dear Backers!

Thank you for supporting always!

Wish you all enjoy a happy New Year!

To express our appreciation for our backers! We are launching our New Year Package. From Jan3-Jan24, those who get the GO2SLEEP Kits Special with $168, could add $1 to get our LEDA SMART Ring.

In this New Year Package($169),you would get items worthy of $297:

1)GO2SLEEP Home Sleep Testing,($129) our adorable sleep detecting ring.

We are quite happy that GO2SLEEP has helped lots of friends for their sleep monitoring. We would keep working on it.

2)SLEEPON MRD,($39)the Custom-Made Mandibular Repositioning Devices.

It is designed to eliminate snoring and prevent teeth grinding, further improving sleep. It is a dependable partner of GO2SLEEP ring.

3)LEDA SMART RING($129), the ring you could use with APP to take selfie,remind you of any phone call and message while you are away from your phone,protect yourself when you are in danger by sending your real-time location to your emergency contact.

This LEDA Smart Ring is also innovated and developed by SLEEPON Team.  

For pink color, we have #7 and #8 size.

For white color, we have #5,#6,#7,#8 and #9 size.

Tell us your favour color and size by email. And attach your order information. We would get you the right ring!!

If we fail to get your information,we would send you white color,#8 automatically.

Now come and get this big package! We only offer this to the first 50 backers. Dont’t waste your time!


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