Report on SpO2 and Heart Rate Accuracy for Go2sleep 3


This report evaluates the accuracy of SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) and heart rate measurements provided by Go2sleep 3. The analysis compares the device’s readings against a medical-grade pulse oximeter, examining both metrics across multiple desaturation levels. The findings indicate that the sleep monitor demonstrates a high degree of accuracy, making it a reliable tool for continuous overnight monitoring.

Devices Used

  • Sleep Tracker Go2sleep 3 : A wearable device designed for continuous monitoring of SpO2 and heart rate.
  • Pulse Oximeter Masimo : A medical-grade device used as the reference standard.


  • A total of 20 adults participated in the study.
  • Participants were selected to represent a range of ages and health statuses.


  • Participants wore both Go2sleep 3 and Masimo simultaneously for a series of sleep sessions.
  • Data was collected over a period of 14 days to account for variability in sleep patterns and desaturation conditions.
  • A total of 283 sets of data was collected, including 164 sets of desaturation and 119 sets of sleep datas.
  • Measurements of SpO2 and heart rate were recorded throughout the night for sleep, and 20 minutes for desaturation.

Data Analysis

  • The accuracy of the sleep monitor was evaluated by comparing its readings to those of the pulse oximeter.
  • Statistical analysis, including Root Mean Square Error (RMSE), was performed to quantify the agreement between devices.


SpO2 Accuracy

  • Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) : The average deviation of SpO2 readings from the sleep monitor compared to the pulse oximeter was 2.23%.

Heart Rate Accuracy

  • Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) : The average deviation of heart rate readings from the sleep monitor compared to the pulse oximeter was 1.84 bpm.


The findings demonstrate that Go2sleep 3 provides highly accurate SpO2 and heart rate measurements when compared to Masimo. The small Root Mean Square Error highlights the device’s reliability for continuous overnight monitoring.


  • The study’s sample size was limited to 20 participants, which may not fully represent the general population.
  • Measurements were taken under controlled conditions, and results might vary with different sleep environments or in individuals with specific health conditions.

Future Research

Further studies with larger, more diverse populations and varying sleep conditions are recommended to confirm these findings. Additionally, the impact of factors such as movement artifacts and skin tone on measurement accuracy should be explored.


The sleep monitor evaluated in this study provides accurate measurements of SpO2 and heart rate, comparable to a medical-grade pulse oximeter. Its high accuracy makes it a valuable tool for continuous health monitoring during sleep, aiding in the early detection and management of potential health issues.

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