SLEEPON Go2sleep Review

Sleep Foundation Special Offer$10 off with code: 10offShop Now SLEEPON is a sleep product company that launched in 2007. The brand initially focused on portable heart rate monitors, but the business model shifted in 2015 after one of SLEEPON’s co-founders experienced a heart attack. This led to the creation of a wearable tracking device dedicated to both heart and sleep health data. The current...

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Upcoming #SLEEPON APP 3.0 Feature Sharing # PDF Report

SLEEPON fans,We are thrilled to kick off our weekly feature highlights for the upcoming SLEEPON 3.0 release! This week, we are excited to unveil the highly anticipated PDF export and download feature, a game-changer in sleep tracking convenience. Key Benefits of PDF Export & Download: The PDF report export feature adds a new dimension to your sleep monitoring journey, allowing you to...

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7 April is World Health Day

World Health Day 2024: My health, my right

Explore the significance of World Health Day 2024 and the fundamental human right to quality sleep. Learn about the impact of sleep hygiene on overall health and discover how SLEEPON's Go2sleep tracker revolutionizes sleep monitoring.

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Upcoming #SLEEPON APP 3.0 Feature Sharing # Sleep Stage

Explore the intricacies of sleep stages and their impact on overall well-being. Discover how innovative sleep monitoring devices like SLEEPON 3.0 revolutionize sleep tracking for personalized sleep improvement. Uncover effective strategies for enhancing sleep quality and achieving restorative rest.

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Upcoming #SLEEPON APP 3.0 Feature Sharing #

Upcoming #SLEEPON APP 3.0 Feature Sharing # Real-Time Data Display

This article introduces the upcoming real-time monitoring features of SLEEPON 3.0, including heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation monitoring, and pulse monitoring. Users can conveniently track these important indicators through SLEEPON APP 3.0, promoting health management and sleep optimization. Additionally, the article invites users to provide feedback and suggestions for the upcoming...

blood oxygen saturation monitoring, Go2sleep 3.0 upgrade., Health management, Heart rate monitoring, pulse monitoring, real-time monitoring, sleep optimization, SLEEPON 3.0

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World Sleep Day: Is snoring a disease?

Explore the risks and symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring, learn about sleep monitoring methods like polysomnography (PSG), and discover tips for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sleep apnea on World Sleep Day.

Respiratory Disorders, Sleep apnea awareness, Sleep apnea diagnosis methods, Sleep apnea prevention tips, Sleep apnea risks assessment, sleep health, Sleep quality, Sleep-Related Disorders, Snoring syndrome

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SLEEPON was founded in Shenzhen, China by David Chang and Claus, and registered in the United States in June 2017. The company's mission is to create better sleep products and believes that sleep is an essential indicator of overall health. Claus, one of the co-founders, has been dedicated to developing healthcare applications in wearable devices since the early 2000s. He led his team to invent...

Blood oxygen monitoring, Health Monitoring, Heart rate monitoring, Sleep disorders prevention, Sleep management, Sleep Products, Sleep quality, sleepon, User experience, Wearable devices

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Upcoming #SLEEPON APP 3.0 Feature Sharing # Newly Upgraded Heart Rate

Discover the importance of heart rate monitoring in sleep with the upcoming SLEEPON APP 3.0, featuring upgraded features. Learn about normal heart rate ranges by age and how abnormal heart rates can indicate potential health issues. Join the discussion on the new features and improvements, shaping the future of sleep monitoring. Subscribe for updates on the 3.0 APP upgrade.

Health Monitoring, heart rate, Personalized recommendations, Safe heart rate, sleep cycle, Sleep disorders, Sleep monitoring, Sleep quality, Unsafe heart rate

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What is The Best Color Light for Sleep?

How Does Light Affect Sleep? Light is one of the key factors that regulate the body’s circadian rhythm and has a profound impact on sleep quality. Here are several aspects of how light affects sleep: Regulating Circadian Rhythm: The body’s circadian rhythm is influenced by light, especially exposure to bright light during the day, which promotes the secretion of melatonin (a...

amber light, blue light, Circadian Rhythm, green light, light color, melatonin production, orange light, red light, Sleep, sleep disturbance, Sleep quality

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The Risk of Loving Someone Who Snores,Do you know ?

Immersed in the sweetness of love, people often find everything about their partners appealing. As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” However, to be honest, love can blind people. If you don’t spend time together, go out for a meal, or sleep together, you may not notice the risks of being in love. What if they snore when they sleep, right? After all, snoring...

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Do you know the origin of the siesta ?

The origin of the siesta. The origin of the siesta can be traced back to ancient cultures and lifestyles. In some civilizations, people had a widespread habit of taking naps during the day, and this cultural tradition varied across different regions and periods. In ancient China, the afternoon nap was considered a part of health preservation, believed to help maintain the body’s balance...

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Are you a Wolf sleeper?

The blog explores the impact of chronotypes on an individual's life and health, featuring early risers, late sleepers and other types of sleep patterns. The article quotes Danielle Pacheco, who divides chronotypes into morning people, evening people and intermediate people, and points out that there may be differences in academic and work performance between different types of people. The authors...

circadian clock adjustment, healthy living, melatonin supplementation, Sleep habits

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What causes poor sleep quality?

Explore the common causes of poor sleep quality, including stress, environmental factors, and medical conditions. Discover practical tips and factors that can improve sleep and enhance overall well-being.

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How to Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

Discover effective strategies to wake up feeling refreshed every morning. Explore tips for improving sleep quality, developing a revitalizing morning routine, and enhancing your overall well-being. Incorporate healthy sleep habits into your life for a more energized and productive start to each day.

" "quality sleep", Energized Day, Healthy habits, Morning Routine, Refreshed Morning, Restorative Practices, Sleep quality, Sleep Wake Cycle, Wake Up

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10 easy ways to get more sleep

Establish a Consistent Sleep Schedule Set a regular bedtime and wake-up time to regulate your body’s internal clock and improve overall sleep quality. Create a Relaxing Bedtime Routine Develop calming pre-sleep rituals, such as reading a book, taking a warm bath, or practicing gentle stretches to signal your body that it’s time to wind down. Optimize Your Sleep Environment Ensure...

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Demystifying Blue Light: Impact on Sleep and the Role of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Explore the impact of blue light on sleep and learn how blue light blocking glasses can mitigate its effects. Uncover the science behind circadian rhythm disruption and digital eye strain. Your guide to understanding and addressing the challenges posed by blue light in the modern digital age

blue light, Blue Light Blocking Glasses, blue light effects, Circadian Rhythm, digital eye strain, digital wellness, eye health, sleep disruption, Sleep quality, Sleep Science

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Blood Oxygen

Explore the significance of monitoring blood oxygen levels for health. Learn about oxygen saturation, its role in detecting conditions like sleep apnea, and its connection to respiratory and cardiovascular health. Discover the importance of continuous blood oxygen monitoring during sleep for comprehensive health insights.

Anemia Awareness, blood oxygen, Cardiovascular Health, Health Monitoring, Hypoxia, Medical Diagnostics, Pulse Oximeter, Respiratory Disorders, Sleep disorders, sleep health

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Exploring Eye Masks: Ancient Origins to Modern Types

Explore the fascinating history and origins of eye masks, from ancient Egypt's use of "Eye Paint" for sun protection to Japan's traditional silk eye masks. Learn about the diverse classifications of eye masks, including sleep, medical, beauty, air travel, therapeutic, and hot/cold compress masks. Discover the advantages of steam eye masks, such as relaxation of eye muscles, improved blood circulation,...

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