APP Update Announcement

Dear Sleepon Users:

For the Android APP:

We updated the Android app recently, and we received some feedback from the users about the connection issues.
The location permission of Sleepon might be turned off by the phone due to the app update. Please set it again by following the steps below:
Phone’s Settings—Apps—Sleepon—Permissions—Locations(please turn off and turn on it again)
Android requires you to turn on Bluetooth to find your device and also to turn on location permissions.

For the IOS APP:

1. Connection problems:
a. Please confirm that the Bluetooth permission for Sleepon app was turned on in iPhone Settings.
b. Please watch the video and follow the instruction for connection:

2. synchronization problem:
Make sure you follow the following instructions:
When you wear the ring and connect it to the App, you would see the real-time data on the first page (heart rate, spo2).
When you get up, please take off the ring, connect it to your phone, and pull down the first sleep page to sync the data.
If it doesn’t work, please unbind the device and follow the above instructions to try it again.

We will keep improving the app. If you have any problems or questions, please let us know through


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