Big Improvement of the new update of the Firmware

Hi Dear Backers!

Have you update the SLEEPON Firmware to the latest version? Big big improvement this time!!

The new Firmware upgrade is available now. You can update it in your app.


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    • There may be various reasons why software closes automatically, here are some common reasons:

      1. Insufficient memory: If your phone has limited memory resources, running too many apps may cause some apps to be forced to close to free up memory.
      2. Resource conflict: Some apps may conflict with other running APPs, causing them to close automatically to prevent system error.
      3. Hardware issues: Mobile phone hardware failure or instability may cause the APP to fail to run properly and thus close automatically.
      4. Security issues: Certain security software or anti-virus programs may detect potential threats or malicious behaviors of the APP and automatically close it to protect the security of the phone system.
      5. User operations or settings: Sometimes, users may accidentally or incorrectly perform operations, such as closing the program window, pressing the wrong shortcut keys or changing settings, which cause the app to close.

      It is important to note that the exact cause may vary depending on the operating system of the phone. If you often encounter the problem of APP program auto-close, we recommend you to check the update of your cell phone operating system and APP to make sure your system and APP software are in the latest version!

      About SLEEPON update,please search on GOOGLE PLAY or APP STORE

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