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Demystifying the Development of an Anti-snoring Device

Demystifying the Development of Go2silence — Log 9

Hi! How did you sleep last night? Did you use the lateral position? Today we will talk about one of our new product’s unique designs: automatic magnetic switch. As we discussed in recent posts, the product is composed of the PU sphere and electronic component, which will vibrate to notify …

Demystifying the Development of Go2silence — Log 8

Hardware Almost Finished! Hi everyone, how did you sleep last night? We want to share with you that the hardware part of our new product Go2silence is almost done! Go2silence is composed of electronic components and the PU sphere, which are connected through a strong magnetic force. …

Demystifying the Development of Go2silence— Log 6

Hi everyone, how did you sleep last night? Our R&D process of the anti-snoring product is well on track and we have made some significant progress. As shown in the design manuscripts below, the hardware is composed of two parts. One is a soft sphere made of polyurethane foam aims to pr…

Demystifying the Development of Go2silence — Log 7

Hi everyone, how did you sleep last night? We have finished the app design of the new anti-snoring device. Let’s take a look! 1. Add New Device Users can add SLEEPON devices in the app. Go2sleep users can now add the second device as shown. Since the two products have data overl…

Demystifying the Development of Go2silence — Log 5

Data Integration Design Hi everyone! How did you sleep last night? In the past ten days, we were trying to solve another main problem——how to incorporate data of this new SLEEPON product into the sleep report?  Our current sleep report shows detailed stats collected by the Go2sleep ri…

Demystifying the Development of Go2silence — Log 4

An Exciting Feature. Hi everyone! If you read our last post, did you use a lateral sleeping position? We hope so! Our development of the anti-snoring device has achieved quite solid progress. But in the beginning, we had two different opinions about the development direction. The first id…

Demystifying the Development of Go2silence — Log 3

Choose the right material Hi everyone! Last time we discussed how sleep experts proved the effectiveness of Positional Therapy. We can see many people DIY their PT items and most of them sew a tennis ball on the back of a T-shirt. If lying on the back, people will get uncomfortable …

Demystifying the Development of Go2silence — Log 2

Hi, how did you sleep? Did you sleep on your side? If you face snoring or OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) issues, regardless of the severity, we recommend you using a lateral sleeping position based on our research. In 2008, Professor Jennifer Walsh, Ph.D. and her team conducted an experiment w…

Demystifying the Development of Go2silence — Log 1

Hi everyone, I am Ken, the product manager. My team and I have been involved in the R&D process of SLEEPON products, such as Go2Sleep intelligent ring and SLEEPON App. It has been 2 years since Go2Sleep entered the market. Based on a 2020 SLEEPON user survey, 76.7% of our users survey…

User feedback on R&D process

Very excited to see how it turns out. We love our HSTs.
I have not used your new product but am very interested. I currently use Go2sleep as well as your oral appliance and am very interested in this products as well.
Looks good. I use both Rematee and Philips NightBalance right now. This looks like a good competitor.
My wife and I both have the sleep sensors. I am interested in this becasue SHE is a snorer. She actually asked if I had seen these notices from you.
I went to sleep wearing a T shirt with tennis ball sewn in at the center of my back, but it was so uncomfortable I had to discontinue.
The problem with your product and method of attachment is that many people, including myself, do not wear pajamas in bed, only sleep pants. Therefore we cannot attach your product as described.
As someone with a Sleep Inspire implant I have gone through The positional therapy and currently use a backpack filled with tennis balls. I have been following the development of the PU Sphere and look forward to purchasing one to ditch the old tennis balls for a modern device.
Nothing seems to work to help with snoring so maybe this product will help me!
I have also used cpap which I hate be connected to it because of limiting night movement. I have used oral appliance but ten to make mouth and teeth uncomfortable. I move around in bed at night frequently and also changed pillows. have lost 35+ pounds and still have some issues. So…I really hope your new appliance will work. Thank you so much for not giving up on us……
I also tried sleeping on my back and changing my pillow. I’m willing to try anything, although a CPAP seems to invasive/cumbersome/annoying. I’m wondering, what if I do not wear a pajama shirt to bed because it can cut off circulation to my arms when laying on my side and tossing and turning? Is there maybe a chest strap that this could attach to or something else?
I have clinically diagnosed positional sleep apnea. If I sleep on my sides, I have no abnormal RERAs. If I sleep on my back, I have moderate to high sleep apnea. I use CPAP, but would probably not need it with a device like you are manufacturing. I was debating using a tennis ball, but I would imagine it would be troublesome to use, requiring velcro sewn on multiple shirts, or some sort of belt or harness around my chest to hold it. The magnetic placement is an ingenious idea! The app, with the 3D positional recording looks amazing as well. I’m very interested and excited in your new product. Thank you.
I have found positions and pillow height has been help easy snoring.
I am very knowledgable about Obstructive Sleep Apnea and the problems of polysomnography, the poor “compliance” (I love the word!) of CPAP (which also causes dry eyes!). For a number of friends I have recommended the Sleep-on ring finger O2 monitor and we are conducting some small studies during exercise (isometric vs aerobic) with the new finger tip holders (cannot do with ring). I am designing a throat cuff that will evaluate position, breathing, snoring and hopefully blood pressure. We are interested in your chest device.
I’m looking forward to trying out your product. I’m curious to know if the inner puck needs to be in contact with the user’s skin. If not, would you consider selling a garterized belt accessory for wearing the ball outside the shirt (also useful if the user prefers to sleep without a shirt on). Just a thought. Thanks!
Very interesting design, I’ve used your wireless pulse oximeter. Is it a similer product in that it detects low oxygen events?
Better sleep, better life.

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