Demystifying the Development of Go2silence — Log 7

Hi everyone, how did you sleep last night? We have finished the app design of the new anti-snoring device. Let’s take a look!

1. Add New Device

Users can add SLEEPON devices in the app.

Go2sleep users can now add the second device as shown.

Since the two products have data overlap (e.g. anti-snoring ball can also measure sleep duration, … etc. using iOS Health function), you can adjust the data source priority by sorting devices as shown in the graph.

2. Device Setting

Here are more settings for the anti-snoring ball.

As this product is designed to prevent supine positions, you can turn on the vibration alert that will notify you to change sleep positions.

You can also set the sensitivity of the device. Higher sensitivity will make the device notify you at positions close to the supine position.

3. Real-time Views

Go2sleep users can see the sleep position label after the real-time label.

You can see detailed info after clicking the position label. After click on the sleep position label, you can check your real-time sleep positions

4. Sleep Report

We offer three report views, which are playback, label, and detailed chart views.

Any feedback on our software and app display?


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