Demystifying the Development of Go2silence — Log 8

Hardware Almost Finished!

Hi everyone, how did you sleep last night?

We want to share with you that the hardware part of our new product Go2silence is almost done!

Go2silence is composed of electronic components and the PU sphere, which are connected through a strong magnetic force.

Before you sleep, put the part with sensor on your back inside pajama and place the other half outside. The two parts will match and “stick-on” your clothes.

The unique material and craft will not cause the cold feelings that other metal surfaces may bring. The elastic sphere will provide you a comfortable user experience without waking you up abruptly.

Here are some of the product details:

Weight: 57 grams /0.13 pounds

Diameter: 6 cm/2.4 inches

Charge method: Type-C charger (130mah). Charge one time to use for one week.

We will start to prepare some prototypes for clinical trials. And if you have any idea or feedback, feel free to leave a message at We appreciate the feedback received recently regarding product size, design, and other new R&D directions.

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