Expand Your Reach: Partner with SLEEPON as a Global Agent

SLEEPON was founded in 2017, as a rapidly growing company, SLEEPON is committed to the development and promotion of Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT) devices. . Our main product, GO2SLEEP, has undergone three milestone upgrades and will be launched in the market with a brand new 3.0 version in the summer of 2024. After years of development and innovation, SLEEPON has accumulated tens of thousands of users worldwide. Currently, we have over 50 agents globally, providing high-quality products and services to markets around the world.

A new journey, new opportunities! SLEEPON adheres to a channel development strategy through agents, establishing a network of agents spanning major cities in the world. We treat agents as partners, working side by side with them to explore new territories. Through this channel strategy, we not only provide better products and services to customers but also achieve mutual benefits for SLEEPON and agent companies’ development. Thus, we are delighted to announce that SLEEPON is seeking outstanding agents from around the globe to join us.

Why choose SLEEPON?

  1. Excellent Product Quality: GO2SLEEP sleep tracker is highly esteemed in the industry for its outstanding performance, precise test results, and reliability.
  2. Technological Innovation: We continuously drive technological innovation, committed to providing state-of-the-art testing solutions to empower customers/business partners to achieve greater success.
  3. Comprehensive Product Solutions: Provide a complete solution including screening for sleep problem, improving sleep quality, and offering treatment plans for alleviating snoring etc.
  4. Market Opportunities: With the standardized diagnosis and treatment of sleep quality, people are increasingly valuing their sleep. The home sleep monitoring market shows enormous growth potential. By becoming SLEEPON agent, you will stand at the forefront of industry development.

Partners we’re looking for:

  • Companies with experience in HSAT related industries.
  • Companies with a strong sales network and excellent customer relationships in the local market.
  • Companies highly focused on technological innovation.
  • Companies with a proactive spirit for market exploration and strong teamwork capabilities.

Joining our global network, you will gain:

  • Competitive agent pricing and flexible sales policies.
  • Regular product updates and opportunities for technical training.
  • Opportunities to collaborate closely with the SLEEPON team to build successful business ventures together.

If you are interested in becoming a SLEEPON agent, please send an email to service@sleepon.us. Our team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss potential collaboration opportunities. We look forward to partnering with passionate companies to forge new pathways in the field of sleep testing.

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