New Year’s Shopping Festival Coming!

Hi Backers!

How are you doing during the start of the New Year? Hope you are all doing great!

Anyway,New Year’s Shopping Festival is coming!

We are launching the new discount package for you~

From Jan18th-Jan31st,you can choose from the below 2 perks:

Option 1: $108 (Original Price of $168,36%Off)

GO2SLEEP Home Sleep Testing,($129) our adorable sleep detecting ring.

SLEEPON MRD,($39)the Custom-Made Mandibular Repositioning Devices.

+$1,Get an additional Eye mask.

Option2:$109(Original Price of $186,41%Off)

GO2SLEEP Home Sleep Testing($129),our adorable sleep detecting ring.

SLEEPON MRD($39),the Custom-Made Mandibular Repositioning Devices.

SLEEPON EYE MASK($18),very soft, better improve your sleep.

Enjoy your new year!


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