SLEEPON View launches

Hi Dear Backers!

We have a great news can’t wait to tell you that we launches SLEEPON View today!

Right now with your desktop computer, It can easily import your CSV sleep data, generate minute detail charts, and support image output, so that you can print data easily.

SLEEPON View will support both MAC and Windows systems. And Our new version of APP is coming featuring some important new functions such as adjusting your own value of the low blood oxygen alert and the sensitivity of touch. Please stay with us in our website.



  • After downloading Sleepon View Setup I get the message “Sleepon View Setup…exe was blocked because it could damage your PC”. The message is generated by Windows 10, as I do not use any additional or external anti virus software. (The actual message is German as it is a German Windos 10)

    Why does this happen and how can I install the software safely?

    Wieland Kunze

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