The Best Design in SLEEPON 3.0 Test Feedback

Our SLEEPON 3.0 beta testing phase has been launched for a week now. We have gathered feedback from over 104 dedicated volunteer testers, receiving more than fifty valuable insights. We sincerely appreciate the commitment and support from our SLEEPON users. Your feedback is our greatest motivation for improvement. Learn More >>How to download the SLEEPON 3.0 Test version.

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RealTime info great addition on SLEEPON 3.0

I am so glad to hear that feedback from our loyal customer : RealTime info great addition on SLEEPON 3.0 ; Although this feature was already implemented in SLEEPON 2.0, we have now made significant enhancements to the user interface for better visualization. Additionally, our algorithms have been upgraded to provide precise monitoring down to the second.

Which part of the SLEEPON 3.0 experience do you think is the best?

Sharing with us and screenshot feedback to our customer service support , claim your free gift now !

(PS: It would be better and appreciated if you could screenshot some pictures while submitting the feedback, just to help our technical team better understand and reproduce the issues you’ve raised.)

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