Use GO2SLEEP to protect your mom’s sleep health from now!

Hi Dear Backers!

Thank you for supporting always!

Have you kept updating the APP and Firmware to the latest version?

For the latest version, we add the health moment function, which means you could check the reports of your family members, and take care of their sleep health anytime, anywhere!

All you have to do, is to turn on the health moment function in your APP setting/privacy, and add your family member through their Sleepon ID. Once he/she receives and agrees on your requirement,you could check his/her sleep report from your APP, and he/she could see yours from their APP!  

From now on, GO2SLEEP is more like a bridge, connecting you and your family. It is also a safeguard,protecting you and your loved ones.

If there are more functions you want us to add,just tell us through this mail,, and see what we could do.  

Let’s make GO2SLEEP better and better for all of us! Love ya!


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