2024 Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpieces

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Many people (and their partners) lose sleep due to chronic snoring. Snoring normally occurs when your tongue and tissues in your mouth and throat become too relaxed. Air passing through creates vibrations in the tissue, producing the telltale snoring sound. Snorers often find relief using mouthpieces designed to reduce snoring. These devices, also called mouthguards, reduce snoring by expanding the airway, holding the tongue in place, or, in some cases, both.

What’s the Best Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece?

Comfort is key when searching for an anti-snoring mouthpiece, and it can be challenging to find a product that fits your mouth and your needs. We recommend the SLEEPON M2 thanks to its boil-and-bite molding and full lateral adjustment, which allow you to fully customize the fit to your mouth.

SLEEPON M2 – Best for Back Sleepers

Precise titration makes the SLEEPON M2 a solid choice for people seeking an MAD tailored to their mouth. Ample space for the tongue promotes steady airflow to alleviate snoring.


Device can be titrated in 1-millimeter increments for a precisely tailored fit

Design provides ample space for the tongue and promotes steady airflow

Ideal for back sleepers prone to heavy snoring


Not suitable for people with central sleep apnea, TMD, or respiratory disorders

Potential for gingivitis and dental soreness


“When I first heard of the MRD mouthpiece, I was skeptical. my major concern was that it would be very uncomfortable to use. I am happy to report that there is minimal discomfort in using it.I am amazed that my snoring has stopped. It’s worth it.”

— Nancy Wong, Volunteer

Sleeping on your back has been proven to exacerbate heavy snoring, but many people feel most comfortable in this position and have a hard time transitioning to their side or stomach. The SLEEPON M2 is an MAD designed to fit over the teeth and prevent the tongue from collapsing, which in turn promotes steady airflow through your breathing passages. 

M2 is a precision-titration anti-snoring device that allows you to titrate in millimeter increments.They recommend starting your use of the M2 with an initial 1-millimeter setting and adjusting by 1 millimeter per week until snoring or OSA disappears and reaches a level of comfort you find acceptable

Some people shouldn’t use the M2. These include anyone who’s been diagnosed with central sleep apnea, temporomandibular disorder (TMD), or conditions affecting the respiratory system. You should also reconsider the device if you have dental implants, loose teeth, or advanced gum disease. The M2 may cause gingivitis and dental soreness.

Free shipping to US. SLEEPON offers a 30-night trial, Silent nights from Day One, adaptation in a Week, renew your life in a Month!If, after following these steps, you feel no improvement, a full refund (excluding shipping fees) is available.

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