DSP Magazine highlights – Home Sleep Apnea Testing is becoming more and more popular.

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In the latest issue of the Dental Sleep Practice magazine, Some of our old friends have spotted GO2SLEEP in the magazine. The article mentions “The clinical practice guideline for diagnostic testing for adult sleep apnea by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) formulated a strong recommendation that home sleep apnea testng (HSAT) is an appropriate diagnostic testing option for uncomplicated adult patients who are increased risk of moderate to severe sleep apnea. HSAT devices that analyze changes in peripheral arterial tone (PAT) in combination with actigraphy and blood oxygen saturation (SPO2) have been determined to be adequate to diagnose OSA in patient populations with a high pretest probability.

GO2SLEEP, the sleep tracker from SLEEPON, collected biophysical parameters at 50hz/second continuously by using photoplethysmography (PPG) signal. It can provide comprehensive report to show SPO2, Heart rate, ODI, AHI and sleep stage. Unlike most of the trackers on the market, SLEEPON only specialize in sleep monitoring, practicing the philosophy that every second of your sleep counts, Committing to provide a professional and superior sleep monitoring experience for our customers.

Interested in reading links : https://issuu.com/medmark/docs/dsp_summer2024_issuu

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