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SLEEPON is a sleep product company that launched in 2007. The brand initially focused on portable heart rate monitors, but the business model shifted in 2015 after one of SLEEPON’s co-founders experienced a heart attack. This led to the creation of a wearable tracking device dedicated to both heart and sleep health data. The current version of this tracker is known as the SLEEPON Go2sleep.

The flagship Go2sleep device is a lightweight ring tracker made of flexible silicone material. Sensors embedded in the ring monitor multiple sleep and health metrics through your finger. You can access your personal data each day using the SLEEPON companion app.
I tested the SLEEPON Go2sleep ring tracker for two weeks. During that time, I evaluated the device based on comfort, ease of use, and overall performance. I’ll discuss my findings below and provide brief tutorials for buying and setting up the Go2sleep.

What Does the SLEEPON Go2sleep Tracker Do?

The SLEEPON Go2sleep contains sensors that measure blood flow in your finger. This allows the ring to record metrics comparable to a pulse oximeter used during at-home sleep studies without clamping down on your fingertip. You can review your data using the SLEEPON companion app. The Go2sleep measures the following metrics:
  • Blood oxygen level:

    A blood oxygen level of 95% or higher is common for healthy adults. Lower blood oxygen levels can indicate breathing problems, so this metric is particularly useful if you suspect you have sleep apnea or another type of sleep breathing disorder. The ring gently vibrates if your oxygen levels fall below your normal threshold. This is intended to wake you up and prompt a sleep position change that promotes better air circulation.
  • Resting heart rate:

    The Go2sleep records your resting heart rate by measuring your pulse. This metric is displayed in beats per minute and is primarily used to determine your recovery status when your body is at rest. Your heart rate naturally slows down as part of your sleep cycle. For adults, 55 to 75 beats per minute is considered a healthy resting heart rate for sleep.
  • Heart rate variability:

    This metric refers to differences in time between your heartbeats. Drastic variations may indicate high stress levels, while minor to moderate fluctuations are usually an indication that your body is managing stress relatively well.
  • Time awake and asleep:

    The tracker records when you fall asleep and wake up, as well as instances when you wake up during the night. This helps the device measure sleep efficiency. You can also set goals for total time asleep each night.
  • Time spent in each sleep stage:

    A healthy sleep cycle consists of two light sleep stages, a deep sleep stage, and a rapid eye movement (REM) stage. Since your heart rate varies between these stages, the Go2sleep can pinpoint how long you spend in each stage.
  • Apneas and hypopneas:

    People with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) often experience breathing disruptions while sleeping. Apneas refer to instances when breathing ceases or is reduced to 10% of normal levels for at least 10 seconds, while hypopneas refer to episodes of shallow breathing. The Go2sleep produces an apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) score, which is the average number of apneas and hypopneas during an hour of sleep.
An AHI of 5 to 15 is categorized as mild OSA, while a score of 15 to 30 indicates moderate OSA and 30 or higher is classified as severe OSA. However, the Go2sleep device is not approved for the diagnosis of sleep apnea. Talk to your doctor if you think you may have sleep apnea. They may recommend testing to determine OSA severity and a suitable treatment plan.

Key Features of the SLEEPON Go2sleep

One thing I appreciated about the SLEEPON Go2sleep is the app’s user-friendliness. All of the metrics are easy to access and review. The app also includes a sleep diary, sleep tutorials, and other tools for learning about sleep and documenting your personal experiences. While you can store as much data as you want in the cloud-based app, the ring holds up to seven days worth of data. A blinking red light indicates when the ring’s data storage is almost full.
Another helpful function is the biological alarm. You can program your alarm to wake you up when you’re in a light sleep stage based on blood flow patterns. Waking up during deep sleep or REM sleep can make you feel groggy, so this alarm may be useful if you frequently feel tired or unfocused in the morning.
Finally, the SLEEPON Go2sleep has a practical feature many users will undoubtedly appreciate. If you can’t locate the ring in your home, select “Find My Ring” in the app. This allows you to pinpoint how close the ring is, with a maximum range of 10 meters. Once you are relatively close, press the “Let the Ring Vibrate” button and listen for the buzz. I used this feature at least once during my two-week test.

Additional SLEEPON Devices

In addition to the standard Go2sleep ring, SLEEPON also offers the Go2sleep SE. This wearable device tracks sleep and health metrics by gently clamping down on your fingertip, much like a traditional pulse oximeter. I didn’t get a chance to test out this device. That said, fingertip monitors tend to be less comfortable for sleeping, especially if you frequently change positions. The Go2sleep SE is made from the same flexible silicone material as the ring, so it won’t feel as restrictive as a traditional oximeter.
If you don’t mind a gentle finger squeeze while you sleep and want the most accurate results possible, the Go2sleep SE might be a better choice for tracking your data. Keep in mind that this device costs more than the standard Go2sleep. If comfort is your top priority, you may want to consider the ring instead.
SLEEPON also offers the Go2silence, a wearable monitor intended to reduce snoring by discouraging back sleeping. Other SLEEPON products include an anti-snoring mouthguard, an eye mask, and blue light blocking glasses.

Setting Up and Using the SLEEPON Go2sleep Tracker

The Go2sleep’s setup process is very straightforward, especially compared to other sleep tracking devices I’ve tested.
  1. Charge the device.

    Your order includes a charging port. If the ring is correctly inserted into the charger, it will magnetically connect. Fully charge the ring. This may take up to two hours.
  2. Download the app.

    While you’re waiting for the ring to charge, download the SLEEPON companion app. The app is free and available through all major app marketplaces.
  3. Sync the ring and app.

    Make sure your Bluetooth is connected before opening the app. Then, log in and select “Search Device.” A flashing green light and two vibrations indicate the ring has been successfully paired to the app.
From here, you can explore the app and enter your personal information to help ensure accurate results. You can also set goals for yourself, program the alarm, and toggle other app settings.
According to online reviews, some users struggle to initially download the app and pair it to the ring. I didn’t encounter any difficulties, but your experience may be different. One potential inconvenience is that the SLEEPON website does not have any live customer service. If you need to troubleshoot with a SLEEPON representative, you’ll need to send them an email and wait for a reply.

Wearing the SLEEPON Go2sleep

Each Go2sleep purchase includes silicone rings in small, medium, and large sizes. Once you’ve found a ring that fits, insert the tracking device into the top of the ring holder. Fittingly, SLEEPON recommends wearing the tracker on your ring finger. If you don’t want to take off your wedding band, you can also place the ring on your middle finger.
The Go2sleep should feel comfortably snug and remain in place without jiggling if you shake your hand. The ring weighs less than 10 grams in all three sizes, so it shouldn’t feel too heavy or bulky regardless of which size you choose.
The Go2sleep automatically records data while you wear the ring. Once you remove the ring, it stops recording and begins creating your data reports. The app has a visual calendar for viewing how your data has changed over time. You can also generate a spreadsheet and export data to your computer. In airplane mode, the ring records data but won’t upload it to the app.
Make sure the device has a decent charge before going to bed. A full charge, which takes about two hours, should power the ring for three consecutive nights. The ring needs a charge of at least 80% for users to access certain features, such as the low oxygen alert.

Buying the SLEEPON Go2sleep Tracker

Lastly, here are some things to keep in mind before ordering the SLEEPON Go2sleep.


You can purchase the Go2sleep ring and fingertip devices directly from SLEEPON. The ring version is also available online from Walmart. The SLEEPON companion app is free to download, and a subscription is not required to use the device.


SLEEPON offers worldwide shipping. Delivery cost depends on your location. Most U.S. customers will need to pay a flat delivery fee and should expect to receive their device within three to five business days.


SLEEPON allows returns within 30 days of the purchase date for unused devices in the original packaging. Customers must cover the cost of return shipping unless the device arrives damaged or defective.


The SLEEPON Go2sleep is covered under a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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