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Insomnia and Mental Health: 3 Things You Need to Know

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Did you know insomnia and mental health go hand in hand? Especially during the pandemic, about 40% of people have reported trouble sleeping, and loss of sleep was already a problem before the pandemic, according to Sleep Foundation.

If you are one of the 40%, you should be aware that you are more likely to have the negative correlation between lack of sleep and mental health.  More than that, less sleep will cause stress.  See the correlations here?  Insomnia and mental health are highly intertwined, according to National Library of Medicine.  

This article will talk about 3 important things you should know about insomnia and mental health, and if you would want to study your own sleep health, getting a sleep tracker could be an option.

Coronasomnia: Insomnia and Stress

Coronasomnia is a newly created term to describe people having insomnia due to the factors brought by the coronavirus pandemic.  According to Cleveland Clinic, “COVID-19-induced insomnia is often attributed to pandemic-related stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions.”

What mental health issues cause coronasomnia?

You might have had a time when you were worried about getting Covid, maybe in the beginning? Or maybe it was when Omicron hit?

CDC states that sleep problems have become one of the post-covid conditions people are experiencing. And Penn Medicine even says some of you might have started having insomnia by just worrying about getting COVID-19.

On top of that, Dr. Singh, a certified sleep physician, summarized the causes of coronasomnia as “FED UP”:

  • Financial stress
  • Emotional stress
  • Distance from others
  • Unpredictability
  • Professional concerns

They are all related to mental health issues that cause insomnia during the pandemic.

Want to find solutions? Check out Find Your Coronasomnia Treatment: 10 Recommended Solutions or Go2Sleep Sleep Tracker

Causes of Insomnia in Females: Mood Disorders and Double Responsibilities

Studies have found that one in four women has insomnia symptoms, and they are twice as likely to have insomnia as men, according to Michigan Health.

Besides that, up to 67% of women reported a sleeping problem at least a few nights during the past month, and 46% had problems almost every night. 

But what causes insomnia in females?

Within the three causes of insomnia in women that are indicated by Michigan Health, two of them are mental health related:

Mood disorders

Mood disorders including anxiety and depression, are more likely to happen among women, which causes them to be more vulnerable to having insomnia. The disorders can even affect the chemicals that are supposed to regulate the sleep health in the brain.

Stress from double responsibilities

Compared to men, women still tend to share double responsibilities from work and home.  

Because they are more likely to be the primary caregivers for children than men. Later in the life stage, women may even end up taking care of their parents or their partner’s parents.  

During the same time, however, women may also work outside of the home while caregiving.  All these responsibilities might cause more stress for women and reduce their sleep time.

Looking for treatment? Check out What causes insomnia in females? 3 Reasons Explained with Treatment or order a sleep tracker to help.

Causes of Insomnia in Males: Stress from Environment

When it comes to insomnia in men, sometimes sleep is considered less important than their work, career, life goals, et. Even some men might think sleeping less means hardworking, but little did they know less sleep will cause stress, and stress will come back to affect sleep negatively.

In the meantime, it is also quite common for men to have insomnia.  

3. What causes insomnia in males? Stress from Environment

According to Young Men’s Health, being stressed by the environment is one of the factors that causes insomnia in men.  Here are some factors that may lead to stress which eventually trigger insomnia:

  • Moving to a new home, school, or job
  • Getting into arguments with family members or friends
  • Having big tests or projects coming up
  • Anything else in your life that makes you worry a lot

Sadly, a lot of men don’t know that they already have insomnia so wondering how to diagnose insomnia?  Use a sleep tracker can be an affordable option.

And Go2sleep could be a choice if you are in need. It can track sleep data all night, and provide comprehensive sleep reports with accurate data.

Besides that, it is small and light. More importantly, it can offer you the best value. Sleep Foundation named it the best value sleep tracker of 2022.

For other tips, check out What causes insomnia in males? 5 Reasons Explained with Diagnostic Tips


Sleep and wellness have always been a long-term topic for many of us, same as insomnia and mental health.

Among females and males, insomnia is something that almost no one can get away with.  Then Covid hit, especially during Omicron, people have been experiencing coronasomnia ever since.

This article briefly touched on the three important things above – coronasomnia, causes of insomnia in females, and insomnia in males.  Mood disorders, depression, and stress from either Covid, double responsibilities, or the environment can all cause insomnia among men and women.

But what is next? How do you find the treatment or diagnose your sleep?

To save sleep study costs, purchasing a sleep tracker could be a good idea. Please check out our Go2Sleep tracker with affordable pricing and accurate data.  


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