Hi Dear Backers! We have been through a busy week!! SINCE WE HAVE BEEN SHIPPING YOUR PRODUCTS SINCE MAY 20TH! HURRAY!! And we will finish shipping until May 30th. You could get your products in approximately 20 days after our shipping date.
We are launching GO2SLEEP APP in Android & IOS version!!
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Hi Dear Backers! We are here to bring you a good news! We are launching GO2SLEEP APP in Android & IOS version!! Hopefully, after 2-3 days,when the application get approved, you will be able to find GO2SLEEP APP in Apple APP Store and Android Google Play!!
SLEEPON Super VIP Membership Program
Hi Dear Backers! Thank you all for purchasing our products. We are launching Super VIP Membership Program! For all Backers before May 31st,2018, no matter which perk you get, will attain SLEEPON SUPER VIP Membership.IT IS NOW OR NEVER! 
Our products will be sent from May 20th to May 30th !
Hi dear backers! HERE COMES THE MOST EXCITING NEWS! Our products will be sent from May 20th to May 30th!
2 Good News I’d like to tell…
Hi dear backers! Long time no update! Please forgive us, for we are now working on modifying our APP and preparing our products! Hopefully, we can ship you our go2sleep products within this month! Anyway! I am bring you these 2 good news! New updates on our discover page as follows!Compared with the old ones, it is more functional and …
From “Prototype” to “Production”
Dear Backers, Go2sleep can’t wait to see you guys! Please see those exciting moments of our factory workers working on the latest products! And this means our product is going from “Prototype” to “Production”! Hooray!!! The Sleepon Team
Successfully funded!!! & Stretch Goals!!!
Happy Thanks giving! We would like to thank all of you! With your great help, we have reached our goal! What’s more, many major media has reviewed or reported GO2SLEEP!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Dear backers, Happy Thanksgiving! Because of your support and trust, we reached 90% of our goal!!! Our early bird discount perk has gone so fast and only have 20 or so left right now. Don’t miss the chance to get the super early discount!
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