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We will do an online lottery to choose 6 members among the first 100 members who entered the group. There will be a total of 6 Amazon gift cards given out!!! A video of the drawing will be posted after the group reaches 100 members.

Best Gift for Father’s Day in 2019

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Big Improvement in APP 2.0

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Have you update SLEEPON to the latest 2.0 version? Big big improvement this time!!

SLEEPON Easter Day Party

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Countries all over the world celebrate Easter Day differently.

SleepOn Romantic February

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Do you agree?

February is the most romantic month of the whole year. Because of February14~

New Year’s Shopping Festival Coming!

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How are you doing during the start of the New Year? Hope you are all doing great!

Anyway,New Year’s Shopping Festival is coming!

Come and Get your Happy New Year Package!!

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Wish you all enjoy a happy New Year!

To express our appreciation for our backers! We are launching our New Year Package. From Jan3-Jan24, those who get the GO2SLEEP Kits Special with $168, could add $1 to get our LEDA SMART Ring.

Marry Christmas!-Sleepon Christmas Package 35% Off

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Wish you all a happy Christmas Holiday!

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We have a great news can’t wait to tell you that we will hold a promotion party in Indiegogo during 1st Dec~12th December and the price was never happen before, with the hope that we may return to our backers.

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Block Your Report of a Certain Date

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You could choose to block your report of a certain date, if you are not satisfied with the report on that day. This function would make your report more accurate and flexible. It goes like…

Better sleep, better life.

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