Order Tracking Function is Available Now
Hi Dear Backers! Thank you for supporting always! Very glad to inform you that,we have launched our Order Tracking Function in our website. You could simply track your order on our official website here: Track We are always caring about you! Please go and discover by yourselves~ And the express service(DHL/UPS) is coming, you hav…
We support multiple devices log-in now
Hi! Dear Backers. Here is the big update of our SLEEPON APP. We support multiple devices log-in. Now you can use different smart phone( Less than five) to log in your account at the same time. SLEEPON Team Have a nice day
Fingertips holder will be delivered in 28th November
Hi! Dear Backers. Here is the update of the Fingertips holder. We are sorry that make you wait too long. Fingertips holder will be ready this week and will be shipped out in 28th November. You will receive the fingertips holder in December. Have a nice day SLEEPON Team
Big Improvement of the new update of the Firmware
Hi Dear Backers! Have you update the SLEEPON Firmware to the latest version? Big big improvement this time!! The new Firmware upgrade is available now. You can update it in your app. SLEEPON TEAM 
New Discover function launches in our APP.
Hi Dear Backers! Thanks for supporting us always! New Discovery module launches in SLEEPON APP! Big big improvement this time!!Add new discover modules, including Sleep knowledge, Help, Tips and News sections. 1. In the discovery, you can share and study the sleep knowledge with other users now. Also you can learn some very practi…
New SE firmware option is available
Hi Dear Backers!Thanks for supporting always! We are very glad to introduce our new improtant APP functions to you! 1. Firmware upgrade: The new SE firmware support, further improve the accuracy of the data and we fixed the bugs of alarm setting. 2. Added the new SE firmware option, you can choose the firmware version according to your own de…
SLEEPON View tutorial
Hi, Dear Backers, This video shows how to export csv data from SLEEPON APP to SLEEPON View desktop software and how to use it SLEEPON Team
SLEEPON View launches
Hi Dear Backers! We have a great news can’t wait to tell you that we launches SLEEPON View today! Right now with your desktop computer, It can easily import your CSV sleep data, generate minute detail charts, and support image output, so that you can print data easily. SLEEPON View will support both MAC and Windows systems. And Our n…
Sleepon APP German
SLEEPON APP support German now! Bleiben Sie mir treu
Hi, Dear Backers, We are pleased to tell you that the SLEEPON APP will support German in the coming weeks at the same time our official website will launch the German version. Bleiben Sie uns treu SLEEPON Team
Hi Dear Backers and iOS users! Thank you for supporting always! The new update of our APP is coming next week. The new version iOS APP will support iOS 13. Very glad to inform you that, we will launch our new GO2SLEEP SE version which will provides the additional fingertips holders for our users very soon. Last but not the least, …
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