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One ball
Two ways to wear

Electronic component + PU sphere For MODERATE – SEVERE snoring and apnea symptoms.

Electronic component + Silicon magnetic strip For MILD – MODERATE snoring and apnea symptoms.

Theory Remains, Tech Evolves.

From 1908 to 2020, Positional Therapy in its various forms is proven to be an effective therapy for management of positional snoring and sleep apnea.
Go2silence, marks a new age of Positional Therapy.

Theory Remains, Tech Evolves.

From 1908 to 2020, positional therapy in its various forms is proven to be an effective therapy for management of positional snoring and sleep apnea.
Go2silence, marks a new age.

Snore Less, Breathe More.

Go2silence moves you off your back without disturbing your sleep. At lateral positions, your upper airway’s cross-sectional area is closer to the shape of circle, which allows easier breath and reduces sleep apnea.

Real-time Position Monitoring

Go2silence incorporates both digitalization and Positional Therapy. Besides helping you to adjust sleep positions, it is also equipped with a high-tech sensor to provide you detailed sleep position data.

Auto Magnetic Switch

The device will automatically turn on or off when you attach or remove it from the clothes. Go2silence uses the strongest magnet grade of N48 so it won’t easily detach during usage.

Advanced Features

  • Whisper-like Vibration

    You don’t need to worry whether using the device will disturb your partner.
    Go2silence uses the innovative Linear Vibration module which creates sounds lower than 30 decibels (e.g. whisper, quiet library).
  • z-index

    Quick Response

    The Z-axis vibration method responds faster than ordinary vibration motors and responds immediately according to your body position changes.
  • Customized vibration

    You can turn on the vibration alert that will notify you to change sleep positions. You can also set the sensitivity of the device. Higher sensitivity will make the device notify you at positions closer to supine position.

Unprecedented Design

We offer 3 report views formats, which are playback, label, and detailed chart views.

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56 × 60 × 60 mm




PU foam


80mAh, Last 7 days
Type-c Charger


IOS 10.0 and above
Android 4.2 and above


User manual
USB Type-C Cable


Bluetooth 4.2


Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

Functions Overview

Function Description System Status
Real-time Data Show real-time sleep position data Android/iOS
Sleep Duration Record the length of sleep for multiple periods of sleep, and distinguish between long sleep and nap time All
Awake Status Track awake status All
REM Status Track REM (rapid eye movement) status All
Light Sleep Status Track light sleep status All
Deep Sleep Status Track deep sleep status All
Motion Data Track body motion data All
Sleep Debt Calculate sleep debt based on sleep goal Android/iOS
Sleep Goal Set sleep duration goal Android/iOS
Sleep Label Add label to manage data Android/iOS
Data Comparison Compare data based on sleep labels Android/iOS
Multi-dimensional Data Present multi-dimensional data (per minute) All
Data Export Export monthly data into CSV or download daily stats in jpg. format All
Family Data Add your family members and check their sleep report Android/iOS
Health Center Auto-sync with health center iOS
Find the Device Find your device when it is not around Android/iOS
Airplane Mode Turn on airplane mode and cut Bluetooth connection Android/iOS
Discover Discover sleep articles, news, and user instructions Android/iOS

A Revolutionary Device

With 2+ years of research and 30+ research references, Go2silence is created by selecting out of 50+ materials, incorporating ideas and suggestions from 1000+ users, and experimenting for 200+ nights.
Just to provide you a better sleep.

The Work Behind The Scenes

Demystifying the Development of Go2silence — Log 9

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Demystifying the Development of Go2silence — Log 8

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Demystifying the Development of Go2silence— Log 6

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Shiroh Isono & Team

November 2002
Lateral Position Decreases Collapsibility of the Passive Pharynx in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Jen Walsh & Team

December 2008
Effect of Body Posture on Pharyngeal Shape and Size in Adults With and Without Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Samuel Krachman

October 2015
Comparison of Positional Therapy to CPAP in Patients with Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea

User feedback on R&D process

I have not used your new product but am very interested. I currently use Go2sleep as well as your oral appliance and am very interested in this products as well.
Looks good. I use both Rematee and Philips NightBalance right now. This looks like a good competitor.
As someone with a Sleep Inspire implant I have gone through The positional therapy and currently use a backpack filled with tennis balls. I have been following the development of the PU Sphere and look forward to purchasing one to ditch the old tennis balls for a modern device.


Will Go2silence affect my sleep quality?

After 30+ trials, we found that wearing Go2silence is much more comfortable than many users may expect.

As a firm prioritizes user experience, during the design process of Go2silence, we spent most of the time adjusting the product’s softness, elasticity, weight, and shape to present you the optimal comfort level. You can also choose among several wearing methods.

If you sleep on your side, the feeling of wearing the product on your back is not apparent.

If you sleep on your back, the product will bring a little discomfort to let you switch positions. This is the core function of Go2silence.

Does Go2silence have any theoretical support?

Go2silence is developed based on Positional Therapy. Check our demystifying article for more detail.

What is POSA?

Positional obstructive sleep apnea is often defined as a supine to non-supine AHI (apnea hypopnea index) ratio of >=2.

Studies have shown that positional therapy is an effective, conservative option to improve POSA. Limitations do exist since there is a lack of reliable tools to measure compliance and continued effectiveness of this therapy.

How do I know whether I have POSA?

Often your sleep study report will include a table showing the apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) or respiratory-disturbance index (RDI) based on sleep position.

These positions include supine (on your back), lateral (on your left or right side), and prone (on your stomach). If the AHI or RDI is normal when you stay off your back, with fewer than 5 events per hour noted, you may benefit from positional therapy. Your sleep specialist will help you to determine if sufficient time was observed in this position to justify this option for you.

or let your family observe your sleep behavior at home. If you snore at supine positions but not lateral positions, or you can breathe more smoothly at lateral positions, then it is more likely that you have position-dependent OSA.

If I sleep naked, can I use Go2silence?

Yes. You can put Go2silence on the chest strap provided in the package.

Why do I need Go2silence?

The Positional Therapy was proved to be effective to improve snoring and sleep apnea. When you are asleep, you cannot control your sleep positions and thus need products like Go2silence.

Is Go2silence a medical-level product?

It is not an FDA certified device for OSA treatment. It is a product developed based on the Positional Therapy. You can also consult your doctor to see if this therapy would be effective for you.

Can Go2silence cure my snoring?

Based on the Positional Therapy, this product helps users to switch to lateral positions to stop snoring.

Just like wearing glasses cannot fully restore eyesight, Go2silence cannot cure your snoring.

But if using Go2silence helps you to develop the habit of sleeping on your side, then even if you stop using Go2silence, the Positional Therapy will still take effect.

How long will I get used to Go2silence?

Depends on your sleep habits. If you tend to sleep on your side, you can get used to wearing Go2silence in 1 or 2 days. Otherwise, it might take longer.

What will be in the product package?

Go2silence (PU sphere + electronic part), magnetic silicon sheet, chest strap, user manual, USB Type-C Cable, and mini travel bag

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