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Sleep Can Help You Lose Weight?

When you first hear this question, do you find yourself skeptical and incredulous? “What? Are you kidding me! If sleep can help with weight loss, then why am I hitting the gym every day?!” Haha, that was my initial reaction when I first heard about this topic. I was skeptical and even found it amusing that someone would suggest such a thing. I didn’t believe it. However,...

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SLEEPON Future Insights: Development of Blood Glucose Function

Good news, the SLEEPON app 3.0 is currently under intense development. We are planning to overhaul our app and introduce new features. For instance, the development of the blood sugar function, which has been brainstormed by our team, is now on the agenda. We believe that in the near future, the new blood sugar feature will be ready to meet everyone.

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HRV: Do You Know How HRV It Affects Our Health and Happiness?

Why is HRV Important? HRV is not only an indicator of heart health but also closely linked to our overall well-being. Higher HRV generally suggests better functioning of the autonomic nervous system, enabling us to effectively manage stress. Conversely, lower HRV may be associated with cardiovascular issues, fatigue, and emotional imbalances.

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