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Sleep Cycles Through the Night

5 Ways to Get More REM Sleep

For centuries, scientists believed sleep was simply a period of rest and relaxation. It was not until researchers discovered REM sleep in 1953 that experts realized sleep might be an active and complex process. Since then, sleep science has blossomed and researchers have found REM sleep to be important for several mental processes, including memory and learning.   We’ll discuss why REM sleep...

memory consolidation, REM sleep, Sleep quality, sleep stages, sleep tips, sleepfoundation

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World Sleep Day: Is snoring a disease?

Explore the risks and symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring, learn about sleep monitoring methods like polysomnography (PSG), and discover tips for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sleep apnea on World Sleep Day.

Respiratory Disorders, Sleep apnea awareness, Sleep apnea diagnosis methods, Sleep apnea prevention tips, Sleep apnea risks assessment, sleep health, Sleep quality, Sleep-Related Disorders, Snoring syndrome

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SLEEPON was founded in Shenzhen, China by David Chang and Claus, and registered in the United States in June 2017. The company's mission is to create better sleep products and believes that sleep is an essential indicator of overall health. Claus, one of the co-founders, has been dedicated to developing healthcare applications in wearable devices since the early 2000s. He led his team to invent...

Blood oxygen monitoring, Health Monitoring, Heart rate monitoring, Sleep disorders prevention, Sleep management, Sleep Products, Sleep quality, sleepon, User experience, Wearable devices

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Upcoming #SLEEPON APP 3.0 Feature Sharing # Newly Upgraded Heart Rate

Discover the importance of heart rate monitoring in sleep with the upcoming SLEEPON APP 3.0, featuring upgraded features. Learn about normal heart rate ranges by age and how abnormal heart rates can indicate potential health issues. Join the discussion on the new features and improvements, shaping the future of sleep monitoring. Subscribe for updates on the 3.0 APP upgrade.

Health Monitoring, heart rate, Personalized recommendations, Safe heart rate, sleep cycle, Sleep disorders, Sleep monitoring, Sleep quality, Unsafe heart rate

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What is The Best Color Light for Sleep?

How Does Light Affect Sleep? Light is one of the key factors that regulate the body’s circadian rhythm and has a profound impact on sleep quality. Here are several aspects of how light affects sleep: Regulating Circadian Rhythm: The body’s circadian rhythm is influenced by light, especially exposure to bright light during the day, which promotes the secretion of melatonin (a...

amber light, blue light, Circadian Rhythm, green light, light color, melatonin production, orange light, red light, Sleep, sleep disturbance, Sleep quality

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#SLEEPON APP 3.0 Feature Sharing# – ODI

The global release of Go2sleep 3.0 is coming soon! From the application of Oxygen Desaturation Index (ODI) to upgraded technology enhancements, the new generation of smart sleep trackers will provide more accurate and reliable data to help users better understand and improve their sleep quality. In this major upgrade, we look forward to hearing from you, sharing your expectations and suggestions,...

health technology, Home Health, ODI, Sleep monitoring, Sleep quality, Sleep Tracking Ring, Smart Technology, Tags: Go2sleep, Technology upgrades, User experience

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How to Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

Discover effective strategies to wake up feeling refreshed every morning. Explore tips for improving sleep quality, developing a revitalizing morning routine, and enhancing your overall well-being. Incorporate healthy sleep habits into your life for a more energized and productive start to each day.

" "quality sleep", Energized Day, Healthy habits, Morning Routine, Refreshed Morning, Restorative Practices, Sleep quality, Sleep Wake Cycle, Wake Up

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Demystifying Blue Light: Impact on Sleep and the Role of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Explore the impact of blue light on sleep and learn how blue light blocking glasses can mitigate its effects. Uncover the science behind circadian rhythm disruption and digital eye strain. Your guide to understanding and addressing the challenges posed by blue light in the modern digital age

blue light, Blue Light Blocking Glasses, blue light effects, Circadian Rhythm, digital eye strain, digital wellness, eye health, sleep disruption, Sleep quality, Sleep Science

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Heart Rate – Revitalized Because of You

Explore the mysteries of heart rate, understanding indicators like resting heart rate, heart rate during exercise, and heart rate variability, and their impact on your health. Monitoring your heart rate contributes to an improved quality of life, cardiovascular health assessment, and prevention of potential health issues. Delve into the intricacies of heart rate data, enhance your lifestyle, and...

Abnormal Heart Rate Detection, Cardiovascular Health, Exercise Physiology, Health Data Analysis, Health Guidance, Heart Health Assessment, Lifestyle Management, Physiological Adaptability, Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases, Sleep quality

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Who’s stealing your dreams?

Discover the impact of snoring on sleep quality and overall health. Explore SLEEPON's affordable MRD-M2 anti-snoring device and QuietSleep Combo for a restful night's sleep.

" "quality sleep", Anti-Snore Device, anti-snoring, anti-snoring device, Black Friday deals., health implications, intelligent sleep analysis, mental health impact, MRD-M2, QuietSleep Combo, relationship strain, Sleep, sleep disruption, Sleep quality, sleepon, snore relief, snoring

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How To Maintain a Healthy Circadian Rhythm

Explore the significance of the biological clock, discover common disruptions in circadian rhythm, and learn how to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm for improved sleep and overall health.

Biological Clock, Circadian Rhythm, Circadian Rhythm Disruption, Cognitive Function, Cortisol, Healthy lifestyle, healthy sleep habits, Hormone Regulation, Internal Clock, Jet Lag, Light Exposure, Melatonin, Mood and Sleep, Shift Work, Sleep and Health, Sleep disorders, sleep health, sleep hygiene, Sleep Patterns, Sleep quality, Sleep Science

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SLEEPON Columbus Day Limited-time Offer: Save Up to $50 on Sleep Products!

2023-10-10T22:00:00+00:00 SLEEPON Columbus Day Special Offer Columbus – who is it ? “Columbus” refers to Christopher Columbus, a famous Italian explorer who successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1492, reaching the New World (the Americas), which he initially believed to be India. This historical event is considered the beginning of European...

Columbus Day Sale, Columbus Day savings., Limited-time Offer, Memory Foam Pillows, restful sleep, Sleep Products, Sleep quality, Sleep Technology, Sleep-Enhancing Supplements. 关键词(Keywords): Columbus Day sleep deals, sleepon, Sleepon products, Smart Sleep Monitors

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Night Terrors: Definition, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

What do night terrors mean? Night terrors, also known as sleep terrors, are a type of sleep disorder that primarily affects children, although they can also occur in adults. Night terrors are characterized by sudden and intense episodes of fear, often accompanied by screaming, thrashing, and a sense of extreme panic. Unlike nightmares, which occur during the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep phase...

Causes, Child Night Terrors, Coping with Night Terrors, Definition, healthy sleep habits, Improving Sleep Patterns, Managing Night Terrors, Night Terrors, Promoting Sleep Quality, Sleep and Well-being, Sleep Anxiety, sleep cycle, Sleep deprivation, Sleep disorders, Sleep Disturbances, sleep health, Sleep Patterns, Sleep quality, Sleep treatment, Stress Management, Symptoms, Treatment

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Restless Legs Syndrome: Understanding Symptoms, Causes, and Effective Treatments

How serious is restless leg syndrome ? Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is a neurological-related sleep disorder characterized by discomfort, tingling, or cramping in the legs while resting or sleeping, often accompanied by a strong desire to move. The exact cause of RLS is unknown, but it is related to dopamine activity in the nervous system and brain.This condition is usually more severe at night...

Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes and Sleep, Healthy lifestyle, Obesity and Sleep, Sleep and Diabetes Risk, Sleep and Health, Sleep and Heart Health, Sleep and Weight Management, Sleep quality, Sleep-Health Connection

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SLEEPON BLOG 006 How to Craft the Perfect Daily Schedule for Better Sleep and Improved Well-Being

How to Craft the Perfect Daily Schedule for Better Sleep and Improved Well-Being

Sleep is a crucial process for our body and mind to rejuvenate and recover, and a daily schedule that promotes better sleep can significantly impact our sleep quality and overall well-being. This article reveals a series of practical time management tips and suggestions to help you create an ideal daily routine that enhances sleep quality and boosts efficiency and happiness during the day. From...

Bedtime relaxation, Bedtime relaxation techniques, Benefits of healthy sleep, Daily routine, Daily sleep routine, Daily time management, Establishing sleep schedulSleep schedule, Healthy lifestylee, Healthy sleep, Improving sleep quality, Life time planning, Optimize sleep, Optimizing sleep quality, Schedule optimization, Sleep journal, Sleep journaling, Sleep quality, Time management, Time schedule optimization

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SLEEPON Summer Special: Buy One, Get Two FREE on Steam Eye Masks!

Don't miss the Summer Special! Buy 1 box of SLEEPON Steam Eye Masks and get 2 boxes for FREE! Head over to the SLEEPON website, add 3 boxes of Steam Eye Masks to your cart, and use discount code "mask" at checkout. Improve sleep quality and embrace a refreshed summer! Limited-time offer, grab it now!

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