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Is Snoring a Medical Condition?

Discover the causes, symptoms, and risks of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), explore its potential complications, and learn about various treatment options including CPAP therapy, oral appliances, and surgery. Find out how lifestyle changes can effectively manage OSA for better sleep health.

CPAP therapy, Lifestyle changes, Obstructive sleep apnea, Oral appliances, Sleep disorders, sleep health, Sleep surgery, snoring, Weight loss, 标签: Sleep apnea

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7 April is World Health Day

World Health Day 2024: My health, my right

Explore the significance of World Health Day 2024 and the fundamental human right to quality sleep. Learn about the impact of sleep hygiene on overall health and discover how SLEEPON's Go2sleep tracker revolutionizes sleep monitoring.

AHI, Go2sleep Tracker, Health Tech, Human Rights To Sleep, My Health My Right, Quality Sleep, sleep health, sleep hygiene, Sleep metrics, Sleep monitoring, Sleep Technology, sleepon, WHO, World Health Day 2024, World Health Organization

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World Sleep Day: Is snoring a disease?

Explore the risks and symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring, learn about sleep monitoring methods like polysomnography (PSG), and discover tips for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sleep apnea on World Sleep Day.

Respiratory Disorders, Sleep apnea awareness, Sleep apnea diagnosis methods, Sleep apnea prevention tips, Sleep apnea risks assessment, sleep health, Sleep quality, Sleep-Related Disorders, Snoring syndrome

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Upcoming #SLEEPON APP 3.0 Feature Sharing #PSQI

The upcoming SLEEPON 3.0 upgrade integrates the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) into its sleep monitoring app, offering users a convenient tool for assessing and improving sleep quality. This upgrade aims to enhance personalized sleep experiences, advance sleep research, and promote better sleep health. Community engagement and user feedback are encouraged to shape the future of the app and...

community engagement, personalized sleep experience, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), PSQI implementation, sleep disturbance, sleep health, Sleep Improvement, sleep monitoring app, Sleep quality assessment, sleep research, sleep tracking, SLEEPON 3.0 upgrade, technological advancement in sleep, User feedback

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Upcoming #SLEEPON APP 3.0 Feature Sharing# – Sleep Factors

Explore the comprehensive features of the SleepON 3.0 upgrade, including total sleep duration, sleep efficiency, blood oxygen saturation, sleep cycle analysis, and more. Understand the significance of factors such as REM and NREM sleep, and how the Oxygen Desaturation Index (ODI) can indicate potential sleep apnea issues. Engage with the SleepON community to share your expectations, suggestions,...

Health app, health technology, Personalized wellness, Sleep disorders, Sleep experience, sleep health, Sleep Improvement, Sleep monitoring, sleep tracking, User feedback

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How Does Sleep Change Throughout the Lifespan?

Explore the fascinating journey of sleep across different stages of life. From the evolving sleep patterns in childhood to the unique challenges in adolescence and the shifts in sleep quality during aging, understand how sleep transforms throughout the lifespan. Learn about the impact of circadian rhythm changes and gain insights into maintaining optimal sleep health at every age.

Adolescence, Adulthood, Aging, Childhood, Circadian Rhythm, Development, Lifespan, Seniors, Sleep, sleep health, Sleep Patterns

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Blood Oxygen

Explore the significance of monitoring blood oxygen levels for health. Learn about oxygen saturation, its role in detecting conditions like sleep apnea, and its connection to respiratory and cardiovascular health. Discover the importance of continuous blood oxygen monitoring during sleep for comprehensive health insights.

Anemia Awareness, blood oxygen, Cardiovascular Health, Health Monitoring, Hypoxia, Medical Diagnostics, Pulse Oximeter, Respiratory Disorders, Sleep disorders, sleep health

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How To Maintain a Healthy Circadian Rhythm

Explore the significance of the biological clock, discover common disruptions in circadian rhythm, and learn how to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm for improved sleep and overall health.

Biological Clock, Circadian Rhythm, Circadian Rhythm Disruption, Cognitive Function, Cortisol, Healthy lifestyle, healthy sleep habits, Hormone Regulation, Internal Clock, Jet Lag, Light Exposure, Melatonin, Mood and Sleep, Shift Work, Sleep and Health, Sleep disorders, sleep health, sleep hygiene, Sleep Patterns, Sleep quality, Sleep Science

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Night Terrors: Definition, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

What do night terrors mean? Night terrors, also known as sleep terrors, are a type of sleep disorder that primarily affects children, although they can also occur in adults. Night terrors are characterized by sudden and intense episodes of fear, often accompanied by screaming, thrashing, and a sense of extreme panic. Unlike nightmares, which occur during the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep phase...

Causes, Child Night Terrors, Coping with Night Terrors, Definition, healthy sleep habits, Improving Sleep Patterns, Managing Night Terrors, Night Terrors, Promoting Sleep Quality, Sleep and Well-being, Sleep Anxiety, sleep cycle, Sleep deprivation, Sleep disorders, Sleep Disturbances, sleep health, Sleep Patterns, Sleep quality, Sleep treatment, Stress Management, Symptoms, Treatment

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Sleep-Related Eating Disorder (SRED): What Is It, Types, Symptoms and Treatment

Sleep-Related Eating Disorder (SRED) is a rare sleep disorder characterized by eating behavior during nighttime sleep, in which individuals may eat while half asleep and may have no memory when awake.The exact cause of SRED is unknown, but it may be related to neurological abnormalities and sleep regulation.This disorder can have adverse health and life effects and requires appropriate management...

Night Eating Syndrome, Sleep disorders, Sleep Disorders Treatment, Sleep Disturbances, Sleep Eating, sleep health, Sleep-Related Disorders, Sleep-Related Eating Disorder, SRED Types, Unusual Eating Behaviors

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SLEEPON Prime Day Deals

Prime Day is here! We have exciting promotions on SLEEPON sleep products to take your sleep experience to the next level! The sale will on till Sunday Take a look at our offers:Go2SleepSE Sleep Tracker : On sale for $119 (original price $159), and the first 50 customers will also receive a free Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece M1.DISCOUNT CODE : go123 ANTI-SNORE DEVICE LINKS Go2Sleep Sleep...

anti-snoring, DEALS, prime day, sleep health, SLEEP TRACKER, sleepon

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Sleep Aid for Seniors: 5 Ways to Help Your Loved Ones Sleep Better

Are you worried about your elderly loved ones’ sleep quality? You’re not alone. In fact, many people worry about their aging parents or grandparents’ ability to fall asleep. According to U.S Pharmacist, more than 50% of geriatric patients have reported repeated difficulty falling and staying asleep, trouble waking, waking up too early, or needing to nap without feeling...

healthy sleep habits, healthy sleep hygiene, Sleep aid for elderly, Sleep aid for seniors, sleep health

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The Cure to Insomnia: 4 Main Ways to Improve Your Sleep Health

Have you had those nights of loss of sleep? You are not alone, based on Sleep Foundation, between 10% and 30% of adults struggle with chronic insomnia. The lifetime risk of having insomnia in women are even as much as 40% higher than men. Have you been looking for the cure to insomnia? This article will tell you about 4 main ways to improve your sleep health because we know the relationship...

Cure insomnia, lack of sleep and mental health, less sleep will cause stress, loss of sleep, sleep and wellness, sleep health, The best cure for insomnia

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Find Your Coronasomnia Treatment: 10 Recommended Solutions – Sleepon

With the blink of an eye, COVID-19 has been affecting our lives for almost three years. It has not only caused millions of lost lives, but also has changed our way of living: working remotely, wearing masks, and more importantly – our sleep health, to be more specific, causing more insomnia, in other words, coronasomnia.

coronasomnia definition, coronasomnia symptoms, coronasomnia treatment, does covid cause insomnia, healthy sleep habits, healthy sleep hours, healthy sleep hygiene, healthy sleep schedule, lack of sleep and mental health, less sleep will cause stress, loss of sleep, omicron insomnia, sleep and wellness, sleep health, sleep is the best medicine, sleep study test cost, sleep tracker ios

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5 Cheap Sleep Trackers to Save Your Sleep Study Test Cost

We all say sleep is the best medicine and know the importance between sleep and wellness.  Healthy sleep hours with healthy sleep hygiene may benefit us from having loss of sleep because less sleep will cause stress and other problems. Some of you might be experiencing some sleep problems and trying to do sleep test to understand your sleep better. But sleep study test cost can...

best sleep trackers, cheap sleep trackers, healthy sleep hours, healthy sleep hygiene, home sleep test, less sleep will cause stress, loss of sleep, sleep and wellness, sleep health, sleep is the best medicine, sleep monitor, sleep study test, sleep study test cost, sleep test, sleep tracker ios

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Insomnia and Mental Health: 3 Things You Need to Know

Did you know insomnia and mental health go hand in hand? Especially during the pandemic, about 40% of people have reported trouble sleeping, and loss of sleep was already a problem before the pandemic, according to Sleep Foundation.

coronamnia, insomnia and mental health, insomnia mental health, lack of sleep and mental health, less sleep will cause stress, loss of sleep, omicron insomnia, sleep and wellness, sleep health

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What causes insomnia in males? 5 Reasons Explained with Diagnostic Tips– Sleepon

or many men like you, you might think sleep is never important as your work, your career, or your life goals. But the reality is that sleep is the best medicine, and if you start to feel loss of sleep, it means you are more likely to have the negative correlation between lack of sleep and mental health.

healthy sleep habits, healthy sleep hours, healthy sleep hygiene, insomnia diagnosis, lack of sleep and mental health, less sleep will cause stress, loss of sleep, sleep and wellness, sleep health, sleep is the best medicine, sleep study test cost, sleep tracker ios, what causes insomnia in males, what causes insomnia in men

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