What causes insomnia in females? 3 Reasons Explained with Treatment

Women are more likely to have insomnia than men

We all know sleep is the best medicine, and we know the negative correlation between lack of sleep and mental health, and less sleep causes stress even more. But the fact is that insomnia is one of the most common sleep problems, and women are more likely to have insomnia than men.

Insomnia, which is defined as having a hard time going to sleep, waking up too early, or feeling unrested after nights of sleep, is more commonly experienced by women. Most adult women need seven or more hours of sleep to feel rested, according to the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine.

Now you may wonder, why more women have insomnia than men?

This article will touch on what causes insomnia in females as well as recommend some potential insomnia treatments for women.

Understanding go2sleep airplane mode

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After the airplane mode is turned on, the airplane mode will be activated or canceled depending on the device is worn on the hand or not. Therefore, the flight mode will affect the real-time detection function (you need to turn off the flight mode to use it).

When you are in the airplane mode, it doesn’t affect all the tracking functions of the device like sleep monitoring, low blood oxygen alert, alarm clock, and other functions.

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Better sleep, better life.

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